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Are my plants dying or are they just "adapting"

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So I've had all of these plants for about 3 weeks now or so and some of them are looking like their dying. I know sometimes they melt or die back and then regrow but the red one looks rough and the green one with the long stem and round leaves seems like its just barely clinging to its roots. I use easy green as directed for a 55 g tank and I used root tabs as directed. I just want to know if I need to do something or if I just need to wait.  I just dont wanna assume it'll be fine and let them die when I could have fixed it

dying one.jpg



red one.jpg


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Honestly they look pretty good to me! Some plants like water sprite can be a little finicky. Honestly I think I've bought 4 now from various sources and I have yet to have one live and thrive. And stem plants in general can be hit-or-miss. Keep up with the ferts (don't forget the easy green for the stem plants!), good lighting, don't go overboard on the water changes unless you really have to for the sake of your fish, and I think you'll be pleased in the long run.

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Hey, I'm no expert...but

I been where you are and this is what I did based on what I thought I learned. And that has been from Bentley, Cory, Bob S., Irena

and others. So... here it goes, I divide my weekly dose into daily doses, I have a 75g and do 1 pump daily.

My stem plants that have roots and also have in the Co-op planters (LOL) I push root tabs in to the fiberglass as far as you can.

If I see growth I know they are good, when growth has stopped I know its time for another one. 

Your Java Fern looks good better than mine have when I first got them. Mine had been bad, yellowing, brown spots and holes and 

what kept them from dyeing  was potassium ( from Seachem Flourish ). Again I'm no expert I just have had similar experience with the same plants. Oh and just FYI you do have to watch too much ferts because your algae can get out of control. GOOD LUCK ! 

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I do believe the Scarlet Temples aren't fully converted, and may require you to wait for the tops to sprout runners. You then cut them below the new root runners and plant them in good stratum. I could be wrong, it was something I thought Cory mentioned in a pod cast. I did that with mine after hearing about it, and they are still going healthy, tall, and very densely packed levels of red foliage. I have a lot of natural iron in my tap water, with a high KH. I run mid to high light w/ medium c02 injection in a fully planted 45 gallon community tank. I can see some runners at the top of yours already. It worked from me but with my memory lol I might have just got lucky and misheard/misapplied advice...

Maybe someone else can confirm this about converting Scarlet Temples?

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