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Your Fish at Night

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Captions for my photos . . . 

1. Ancistrus Female in Love-Shack Shell

2. Yellow Lab . . . Tanked

3. A Midsummer Night's [Dwarf Gourami Fry] Dream

4. Lay You down in a bed of mosses

5. Molly Fry Solo

6. Yes! Still got the Electric Blue in the Dark, Baby!

7. Goodeid classic "Waited all day for this" poop

8. Apistrogramma "Lurki"

9. Scheeli - Now you see me!

10. Discus mates after many, many late pints

11. Okefenokee Pygmy Bombshell

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I know in my tank at night when I look, my white cloud mountain minnows tend to dull their colors and sleep.  My oto and hillstream loaches seem to get out and about from hiding places and seem to do more stuff at night compared to the day, though they aren't always hiding all day either. 

My red cherry shrimp...  they appear to just keep on doing shrimp stuff, day or night.  Even when I lost power during the big Texas freeze, the red cherry shrimp were just as active when the tank got cold and was running on battery air alone. 

I tend to see more of the other inverts coming out at when the lights are off.  The malaysian trumpet snails are fairly scarce during the day, but they 100% come out in force at night.  Same for bladder snails.  I also tend to see some of my resident population of planaria visible on the glass if I shine a light at night.

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