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Summer tubing recommendations - new ideas for stocking?

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Howdy fellow Nerms, 

I am looking for some new ideas for stock for summer tubs.  So let’s turn to the forum to see what gets recommended.  I don’t want to limit suggestions but please keep in mind I live in the northeast and my window really runs from June to October so I am limited.  Yet this discussion isn’t just for me please allow it to run the gamut for all readers sake.

many thanks,



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I highly recommend Dr. Ted Coletti's Tub Pond Handbook for anyone looking to summer tub, It is available on amazon fir purchase. If you do not want to buy the bible of tub ponds, you can listen to the pond hunter radio podcast interview on youtube with Dr. Ted Coletti (episode 52 I think) to get a ton of do's and don's 

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@Tedrock Dr. Ted recommends Buenos Aires Tetras, Flame/Von Rio Tetras, Colombian Blue Flame Tetra, Rosy Barb, Gold Barb, Odessa Barb, Zebrafish, Pearl Danio, Fathead / Rosy Red Minnow, White Clouds, Platies, Swordtails, Least Killies, Gambusia, Goodeids, Forida Flag Fish, a few types of rainbow fish, Gouramis, Paradise fish, rice fish, pygmy sunfish (Elassoma), as well as some cichlids, like Jewel, Rainbow, and Convict.

He says that either himself or one of his colleagues has successfully kept the above named species in outside tubs. He lives in Northern New Jersey, in USDA hardiness zone 6. He has more recommendations and details on each one of these species, including temperature ranges and containers sizes, in his book. I found it to be a really useful resource, as @GardenStateGoldfishsaid! I actually wrote a short review of it here:

And if you want to buy it, you can find it on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Tub-Pond-Handbook-Comprehensive-Container/dp/B091W9WLDP/


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