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Do I need to quarantine nerite or mystery snails before adding them to a tank??

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I have been keeping fish for several years now, but I am just opening up to the idea of snails. I was wondering if I need to quarintine Nerite or Mistery snails before adding them to my community tank? I alwayys quarintine new fish, but I am not sure if snails are able to bring anything into my aquarium that could make my fish sick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much!! 

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Never place someone else’s water in you tank.  I would remove the snails from the bag/container rinse them in aquarium water and you should be fine.  

If you want maybe get yourself some sort of container and put them in there for an hour or two .  This way if they had baby pest snails as hitch hikers that would give them time to maybe crawl off of them.

Good Luck 

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