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Ghost Shrimp turned Blue?


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I have several adult ghost shrimp, and I have one in particular that has turned like a blueish colour. I have others who are a bit brownish or have flecks of brown. Also one who is kinda cloud white, who actually just hatched a bunch of eggs. I read online like reddit and such people saying it's a molting issue, or water parameters etc. I tested my waters and everything looks good, where it should be. Only thing I didn't test was like hardness as I don't have that test currently. I also read it could be because of old age? I have no idea.

I saw many had shrimp that looked like mine, but I've seen several molts so I know they are successfully molting. I don't know 🤦‍♀️

I have a video buttt I can't upload it here.. 

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8 minutes ago, adamh said:

I can’t speak to if there is a problem, although if you watch @Cory on ghost shrimp, you could have all different kinds. I hope it’s not a problem because I think that shrimp looks really cool!

Yea it looks super cool, just hope I'm not doing anything wrong😬

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