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Adventures in Tank Renovation

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So ive decided that its time to get round to fixing up this tank, so started off by removing the old silicone which was scarily easy to remove that i generally didnt even need a razor to cut it out, it was also an extremely thin bead all the way round so i have no idea how the previous owner had water in this without it bursting. Anyway after clearing out all the old silicone i went round with Acetone and cleaned up all the seams, now going to tape up with a 1cm gap on both sides so it can put a decent seam on it. Tho the only problem i seem to have at the moment its removing the top braket as it has about half a tube of silicon holding it down which is proving pretty difficult to dig out, never saw a tank with a euro brace and 2 braces across the middle before but i ghuess it adds to the overall strength of the tank. I'll keep you all posted as i go along.




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