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Is a finnex 24/7 CRV high light on a 55?

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Hello everyone ive had my 55 gallon planted for almost a year now. Im a returning hobbyist and was super interested in planted tanks so i was doing alot of work on it. 50% water change a week light on max for 8 hours a day on a timer. Ph usually 7.2 -7.6 nitrates were always around 20. and decent Kh and hard water. I dose easy green once a week after the water change but my plants kept showing signs of deficiency. Is it possible my light is too strong and causing my plants to want to grow faster than they can without co2? they keep making new leaves but the older ones fall off or go yellow and pale and form pin holes. i tried dosing more and didnt help so im gonna lower the brightness abit. any tips? tanks 🙂





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If I was in this situation I would leave the light alone and start doing 20% water changes instead of 50% to make sure I wasn't pulling all of the nutrients out of the water.

I have one of these on a 55 and it works ok for me. Definitely not what I would consider high light. This looks like nutrient deficiency to me, and maybe not an overly bright light imo.

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