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Taco time


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5 minutes ago, SWilson said:

I just saw this aquarium decoration at Petco and I couldn’t help but wanna post it. 


I saw that yesterday while I was picking up a lid for my 10 but I wasn’t willing to pay there outrageous price and I try to spend as little as possible there as my local petco is owned by tetible people 

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26 minutes ago, Cory said:

How much were they, the 8.99 price? Pretty funny but not sure I'd actually put one in my tank.


They are 18.99 on the petco website but a little tip whenever you buy in store at a petco check their website online because in stores they always jack up the prices like I believe that 24.99 was the taco 

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Good lord, that's just highway robbery prices. I don't foresee chain stores keeping this business model long term. The whole "you only need a few people" to buy really over priced products...

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