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Thoughts on this Tank?


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Got this approx 80 Gallon for free, and I'll show you why in the pictures (plus my boss gave it to me).

Is it a keeper or is it trash? Wondering if the trim or chipped edges are repairable/replaceable too. It has been holding watertight for 2 weeks now.

Would like it to be suitable for the living room or maybe just my office, but i wonder if its doomed to the garage or the backyard. Thank you for your thoughtss. If nothing else, its an example of "this is a bad idea" or "go for it".

Have a good weekend!







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If you don't want it I'll take it. I agree with what @mikrogeophagus says in principle, but the face of the glass toward the stress (water pressure) is sound. The thing has good silicone and is holding water. I would not put it in a gymnasium, and I would avoid vibrations (maybe don't install this in your RV?) but in a normally quiet adult household this would not concern me overly. In the bedroom of rambuncious twin 10y.o. boys I might hesitate. 

Really it comes down to risk tolerance.

I would weigh the potential for slow leaks and cracks (higher than a brand new tank) against the cost savings (100%) and consider if the cost of the new tank is worth the potential cost of failure TO YOU. I live in a 5th floor apartment. Yeah, catastrophic failure of 80gallons is going to cost me more than an 80 gallon tank, but I judge it as an unlikely outcome. A crack? I will be home, hear it, bail and salvage everyone, it would be highly inconvenient, but probably not a huge problem on my cement floor.

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9 minutes ago, lefty o said:

it is questionable. that might make a garage tank or unfinished basement tank where things wont get ruined if it does fail.

Thanks. Im 50/50 on where to put it. The garage gets both cold and hot, so that weighs in my consideration. Nice Cruiser thumbnail.

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I agree with @Brandy being that the face toward the stress is sound and the seal looks unaffected.

However, I would also keep in mind the panel thickness compared to the area that is chipped; a zone of lesser thickness may become the weakest link. You also may not know the nature of the "chippage". Could have been impacted from perpendicular or parallel to that panel. The latter could create cracks/stresses that you may not see.

Always a great opportunity to break out the polariscope, or flexseal....



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