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Starting back up.

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Once back in early 2000 I had a lovely 55 gallon and I worked hard on it to make it almost self contained.  I gave it up when I moved, just didn't have a place to put back up. 

Fast forward to 2017 and i picked up one of those 16 widescreen ones. I have kept it limping along, not really putting any effort into it. When my last fish swam off to that fishy pond in the sky I stripped it all down because I wanted to do it right.

I found Aquarium Co-Op on YouTube while trying to figure out what I wanted this time round for fish. The videos got me excited again about building and maintaining a quality tank environment for my fish friends.

I am still struggling a bit but I am getting my water parameters just about right, I just have to get rid of this bba, figure out where my shrimp have gone (eyeballs her betta hunter),  and turn back the amount of time the light is on.

It still feels good to look over at my little tank, watch my betta Hunt around the gravel and drape himself over plants and things, watch the Danios dart around while the neons swim across the tank in their little group. I smile and feel proud that I am able to create a happy place for these fish to live and enjoy. 




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Updated photo for a better one.
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Looks great! Our female betta Boot doesn’t tolerate shrimp in her 5 gallon. Nolan my male in the 20 g didnt mind them - not sure if it was tank size or just personality differences between my murderous lady and my big boy lol

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