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Found 8 results

  1. I've hatched corydora eggs before in a sort of jury-rigged little tank with an airstone but I finally got an egg tumbler this weekend and I LOVE it. Took some doing to get it set up but I hatched another 10 or 15 eggs this morning after transferring them to the tumbler. It's so easy to see the eggs in there and gauge what needs to be pulled and what's going to he a successful hatch. I highly recommend this product if you like breeding corydoras!
  2. Howdy Nerms! I am just wondering. I have several Bristlenose plecos sitting on eggs. What is the best practice? Should I leave them with the male or pull them to hatch them in an egg tumbler? I am very successful using the ziss egg tumbler with pleco eggs in the past. Many thanks, Ted K
  3. Decided this would be a good oppertunity to grab some eggs out to a tumbler and see if i got any fry out of it. This is about 1/4 of the spaen and the male is gusrding the cave where they were laid.
  4. I was having trouble with eggs developing fungus in the Ziss egg tumbler. Recently came up with the idea put some filter floss under the sponge it comes with. Keeps miscellaneous fish food and debris out of the hatcher. First hatch with the floss was a success!
  5. What is a Ziss egg tumbler? I might get one because I am going to start a breeding tank.
  6. Could a ziss egg tumbler be used to tumble angel eggs? Obviously seen it used for cichlids, corys, etc. Is it too much for angels. Curious why I never see an egg tumbler used for them?
  7. Hey guys just stripped one of my holding cichlids and put her eggs in the ziss egg tumbler there seems to be a little specs of food in the tumbler as well will this cause my eggs to fungus?
  8. Just received the Ziss Egg Tumbler. My Sterbi Corydoras also provided me with another spawn of eggs tonight. So I am able to use it right away. My question is, when the eggs hatch, and the fry have lost their egg sack, (2 to 3 days after they hatch) how should I feed them? Do I keep them in the egg tumbler, feed newly hatched BBS? Or should I move the fry to the Ziss Breeder box? Feed them there? I currently have BOTH corydora fry AND baby mystery snails in the Ziss breeder box together. Everybody hatched at the same time! I have placed a small slow release vacation feeder tablet. I believe the calcium is good for the snails and the fry can feed constantly thru the day. I also feed live BBS. I really like how the aquarium water flows in the breeder box. My previous clutch of cory eggs hatched in the box fine, there was no fungus. As of today just one survivor 😕 The eggs I placed two days ago in the tumbler have happily hatched! I count 16 fry. Should I keep and feed the fry in the egg tumbler? 🤔 Hmmm so many questions. I really want to be proactive and breed something. So I am learning as I go along. I am assuming that the egg tumbler’s purpose is to prevent eggs from fungus and keep them safe from being eaten. So far my success with breeding and raising fry have been when I do NOTHING. My Cory’s spawn, hatch, a few escape being eaten by making it to the dense foliage, until they decide it’s safe to come out. When they start to crowd mom and dad, that’s when I move them to a bigger tank. Thank you for your time Dawn
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