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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All, First post here. I got a never clod air stone a couple months ago and it has been working well. I have noticed a slow change in bubble output, which I am assuming is due to it getting dirty (very hard water where I live). So, my question, how do you clean this thing. Can the felt portion be cleaned, which is where I am assuming it is clogging. Can it be soaked in vinegar and then rinsed throughly? Do I just need to replace the felt parts?
  2. When I was cleaning the felt pads in my Ziss Never Clog Air Stones I lost one of the plastic separator discs. Is it OK to run the air stones with the felt pads touching each other? Thanks.
  3. A while back I commented on a post about experiencing the never clog airstone malfunctioning. This ended up happening tonight. Here are a few videos of documenting it. I hope it helps. Also it seems to resolve if you take it a part, wash it, and put it back together. Video 01: Showing that it has quit working in the aquarium: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GvEVMqniQ1KTsJL27 Video 02: Showing that the actual air is going through the line: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3UcBg5nMdpX7amzP6 Video 03: Dissambling the aquarium co op sponge filter with never clog air stone: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bTwqh1FJyxrMjAvQ9 Video 04: Showing once the never clog airstone has been cleaned, that it works once you put it back into the tank: https://photos.app.goo.gl/STerPphRjtNgwjPo7 The sponge filter is removed from the tank and cleaned under a sink every two weeks. The aquarium receives a 50% water change weekly. The sponge itself was serviced 2 days before the videos were taken. The airstone has been in use for 11 months.
  4. We recently ordered from Co-Op and purchased a few minor, miscellaneous items more to "test out" than anything else. The products are really great quality. Black Air Line Tubing -- This stuff is great when you've got black backgrounds. It really "hides" nicely. But much more important, the ease of working with the rubber-like plastic is a dream! No more wrestling with stiff airline, trying to get it to fit onto air stones, on valves, etc. This stuff is very flexible, while still sealing wonderfully. I'd buy it in any color over some B-grade airline. Once you get this stuff, everything else is inferior. Ziss Aqua Never-Clog Air Stones -- These are nice, because the stone is heavy, and holds airline down in the water. The end can be screw-tightened by hand to make finer flow, or loosened for a more rapid bubbling. I'm slowly replacing every airstone in our fishroom with these. They're just great! 4-Way Metal Gang Valve -- I've got to confess, I've been struggling with terrible valves until now. These are amazing! Never again will I waste money on cheap plastic junk, with knobs that are hard to turn. These metal valves are really easy to turn. It would be nice if there was a simple way to clip them to the rim of a tank (maybe someone has a hack?). They can be really finely regulated. I want to really commend Co-Op for carefully rolling out products that are quality. True hobbyists will come to love these products!
  5. I have had this happen several times, maybe 3 or 4. The felt gets clogged.. I replaced these today and even though they don't need it they are going to soon. IDK how it clogs but it looks like some sort of film/slime is coming in where the air doesn't pass through but eventually it stops it. I have heard fo this from 1 other person. I do like the air stones though.
  6. Hi, I've been noticing air bubbles rising from the sponge instead of the tube. There's about 4 inches of sponge w/ the large filter... What's the best placement for the Ziss air stone(top, bottom, middle)? How tight do you twist the Ziss? thanks!
  7. I was wondering if is a way to make a bubble like bar thats 24" with these ziss never clog air stones somehow? Is there a product that could sort of daisy chain them from just one pump? I have a 45 gallon tank with a tetra whisper up to 60 air pump. Thanks, Ted
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