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Found 8 results

  1. From a nutritional prospective witch food will work best for growing out fancy guppy & baby Plecos - Both work well in the ketsup squirt bottle so thats not of concern
  2. Can I please get some advice, I just purchased several different types of the Extreme fish foods. I was so excited to start feeding this better food to my fish! but apparently my fish are not so excited about it. Once I put some in each (4) tank they all seem to come up like they are starving like usual but take a bite and spit it back out, they look like, what the heck is this??? Should I keep trying to offer this to them (like eat it or go hungry) or just give them what they are used to, (like cheap pet store flake/pellets) Just a note that the fish within the 4 tanks are angels/geos/platys/rams/rainbows/blue acai/severum/neons/tetras/rummy nose, and a flowerhorn tank. so just basic fish that should eat it. thank you
  3. How long will a can of Xtreme Aquatics Betta Food stay fresh. With just one Betta, this container would last a long time. I need to know when to throw it out.
  4. I purchased the Xtreme Nano for my endlers livebearers, but my cherries keep eating most of it. Is this food ok for them to be eating so much of it?
  5. Staring at my Co-Op cart and looking for something to feed my livebearer and multi fry? I am not ready to take the plunge on live baby brine yet but was wondering what the benefits are for using Xtreme Nano vs. Co-Op Fry food and vice-versa?
  6. Hi all! I recently started feeding Xtreme Krill flakes to my zebra danios and I have noticed a large increase in the amount of poop in my tank. I started feeding less thinking I was over feeding, but I don't think that was the case. I know this is a high quality food but I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this happening with feeding this food. Just curious 🙂 Thank you!
  7. Co-op sells both, what would you recommend? I have both black and neon tetras and a few guppies and a few platty's. A dozen Cory's clean the bottom.
  8. I've found a small diversity of fish that i have now, and plan on keeping more of similar fish in the future. They are spread out between 3 tanks (5, 10 and 20 gallons). I've been debating on getting some of the Xtreme fish food after hearing so much about how good it is, but I'm not sure if there is a 'one size fits all' for my types of fish. Any advice would be helpful. Currently they are getting mostly flake food and bug bites and I'm sure it's not the best option. (occasional frozen blood worms) Dwarf Gourami x 2 Betta x 2 Swordtail x 4 Glowlight Tetras x 10
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