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Found 11 results

  1. After two months of quarantining in a 10G and treat initially with the Co-Op's trio, I finally moved my Red-Eyed Tetras and three Panda Cories into my 80G (first crew, apart from an Otto and Amono Shrimp). THEN, this morning, I went to turn on the lights for the 10G only to see white, worm-like things swimming in the water column. I was really disappointed that after two months of quarantining the fish may have had worms all along. 😔 I managed to use a pipette to extract two of these white "worms" (see image below). I decided to see what a small amount of Expel-P would do and so I decided to treat the tiny measuring cup. Almost instantly the two "worms" disintegrated into brown pulps (see images below). 🤯 This leads to a two to questions for the Forum: 1) How likely is the possibility of these white, worm-like things to be parasitic worms?🪱 2) Expel-P seems to have been highly effective in dealing with these things, therefore, should I assume the Tetras and Cories may be infected and treat the 80G with Expel-P? Unfortunately, the 80G is a tall, cylindrical aquarium so netting the fish out would be really difficult and stressful (for my sanity and the fish, too); I would rather pay for more Expel-P. 😅 I had a video to show the things moving about, but I was unable to add to this Forum. Other suggestions are welcome.
  2. Hi, Sorry I don't have a photo, but I noticed a small tiny worm inching along my betta tonight. It was maybe a milimeter or 2mm in length, very small. Didn't look to me like an anchor worm. It also did not look like a flathead worm, but it was very tiny. It was moving around my betta's body, on top of his scales, near his head and gills. My fish has been showing some signs of distress lately, including lethargy and tears in the fins. He is also approx. 2.5 years old. Can someone help me identify if this should be a cause for concern? Additionally, I have API Fungus Cure, Tetra Fungus Guard, and Tetra Lifeguard all-in-one treatment. Please advise if any of these chemicals might be helpful to use. Thank you!
  3. I have a 20 gallon and ever so often I see detritus worms while gravel vacuuming. I just got my tank fully cycled. I think they came with some plants that also had snails. I want to get rid of them completely. Help?
  4. Found this guy this morning in my Endler tank. Small looking worm, with some hairs on its body. Yellowish green in color. Any ideas what it is where this came from? Tank has rotala indica, 30 endler babies, and one BN pleco. Included a few pics under the microscope.
  5. I have been trying to film an Oryzias Latipes egg hatching for about a week or so now. I removed the eggs from some moss in my tank with a pipette and placed them in a deli cup with tap water and whatever water was in the pipette. The first few days I only saw a few things darting around in the drop of water on the slide with the egg. After a week I noticed all sorts of things alive and moving, some even attached themselves to the egg. I'm no expert on what any of these things are, but I imagine that the small things are paramecium. I can recognize that there are vorticella and a nematode, but I have no idea what the grabby big mouth worm thing is. Any insights? I have been unsuccessful so far in filming the moment of hatching. I found myself watching all the little things that I never knew were there more intently and with more curiosity than watching the egg itself. Just thought I would share.
  6. Hi, so this is my first time getting a planted aquarium, and I was wondering weather or not this sort of "patch" on the glass is normal? There isn't any flow Also could this "worm" next to the snail eggs be a flatworm or planaria? Thanks!
  7. Idk why it keeps flipping the second picture upside down for me. I was ripping apart a plant's root media when I came across this shocking fellow. I've only found one...though there was a brown sac w/ white fluid in it. Quick lookup lead me to midge fly larvae or bloodworm. Anyone ever come across these?
  8. What type of worms do y’all think theses are?
  9. Hi all, I found 2 of these crawling on the glass of one of my tanks tonight (I’m sure there’s more but I didn’t see them). The head doesn’t look pointed to me, any ideas? It was hard to catch on camera since it’s so small so it might be a little blurry. The blue line is the head as it was moving down the glass.
  10. Hi All, I have found this odd looking white line/worm in the fin of my rummy nose tetra. Any ideas as to what it is? And how to treat? thanks in advance Merry Christmas Bill
  11. I have a 10 gallon that was cycled with coop plants and some they didn’t have. I wanted a betta but in the meantime added cherry shrimp and 3 Amanos. The 3 Amano had died about 2 weeks in. (Last week) bummer. Now this week we saw them. Tons of little white worms. I looked close and thought they were Rhabdocela and posted on social media to get confirmation. Most agreed. I had a nerite and ramshorn arrive and quarantined. I figured the worms are harmless and I added the snails after acclimating. They were both active. I returned a short time later and the Tiger Nerite was swarmed. I was frantic and pulled him out. I updated and posted online to see if I could get help. Some said Planaria (despite no triangular head I can see). Others said snail leeches. They don’t move like leeches though. the nerite is in quarantine and has lost activity levels significantly. I’m afraid they got in his shell and I see no planaria treatment that won’t kill a nerite too. I’m still not 100% sure what these are. I added fenbendazole to the tank and paracleanse. I put a tiny amount of paracleanse in quarantine. I feel awful because I thought they were harmless worms. Bait trap yielded nothing. Some folks would just say “you’re over feeding” but I have not fed the cherries. I fed very little for the Amanos. I’m afraid the worms got to them. The swarm the nerite but not the ramshorn. Ugh. Any advice? Can anyone ID them for sure?? How can I save the Nerite. I have betta on the way and I’m scared I’ll have to destroy my tank just as it was looking so good. Close up photo is very small IAL leaf. cant upload the video due to size.
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