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Found 11 results

  1. Was boiling wood for my new grow out tank. Tannin soup: Keep and use in tanks or useless and toss? .....man this stuff is dark....
  2. Has anyone ever harvested wood from the wild for their aquariums? I found a fantastic piece that I plan on going back for later once I have my saw with me. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to prep this monstrosity. I know I’m going to take it to a car wash and pressure wash it, then it’s probably going to sit in a 55 gallon trashcan full of salt water with the lid attached for two months so that it stays underwater. After that, I will pressure wash it and soak it in freshwater water. The first picture is the entire root mass, but the second picture is closer to how I plan on trimming it. The third picture is a second tree that I plan on going back for later tonight. Does this sound reasonable, or does anyone else have recommendations?
  3. I want to add moss covered tree bark to my tank for my wood eaters. What should I do to prepare the bark for the tank?
  4. Hi I would like to glue some wood together for my aqauirum what would be the best option I could try anyone help, thank you
  5. I need to attach 2 pieces of wood. Tried superglue but it didn't work, Is epoxy glue safe? Thanks
  6. What type of wood is best for a Dicus tank. I currently have spider wood in my smaller tank. I am building a larger tank and need more wood. Would like to pick the type of wood best for Dicus fish. Also, can I go to a landscaping company and get slate rocks for decoration or do I have to buy "aquarium" ones?
  7. The purpose of this thread is to document my trials and tribulations while trying to build a "simple" aquarium stand. And let me just say, I have mad respect for the King of DIY; he does a ton of giant projects all by himself! For us beginners though, there some things that he leaves out. This will hopefully help people see what they are getting into and to avoid the mistakes I made. I have minimal tools (dremel, drill) and live in an apartment. I'll show you how I tackled this and how long it takes, along with the *real* costs. You know what I mean, you did something wrong so you have to buy something to fix it, etc. Here's what we're trying to build, for 20gal aquariums: I began last weekend. Per Joey, it only took him 45 min to slap this thing together. I consider myself fairly handy, so I should be able to do that, right? LOL NO. Since I didn't have a saw, I was planning to rent a miter saw from Home Depot. My husband was dubious about this, so we got a miter box and saw to try to cut the 2x4s. This did not work. My husband is a pretty fit guy, but the miter box just wasn't a good idea. There were too many cuts and we couldn't even get through one. This was, in part, due to the fact that we didn't have a sturdy table (just those cheap Ikea ones that wobble quite a bit.) So I would say avoid this route unless you have experience using it. I decided to have Home Depot cut it for me. The first two cuts are free, and 50 cents each after that. I was not counting on the associate being high as a kite though. I explained what I needed and he looked at me with that dreamy "I don't care" look, so I just had him cut some plywood (to make the shelves useful of I ever stop using it for aquariums.) The 8ft boards barely fit in the SUV, but fit it did. Oh, and did I mention, you have to go through and pick out the best boards? Yes. You must go to the stack of 2x4s and look at each board. Some of them are not even rectangular. Some of them are very crooked. Some are missing chunks. You don't want any of those. Your boards won't be perfect, but they should be fairly straight with no major defects. For my project, I took home six 8ft 2x4 boards. Note that 2x4s are NOT 2" by 4". They are actually 1.5" by 3.5". Make sure your measurements/calculations reflect this. I rented the miter saw and reviewed the little safety video detailed in the instructions. It was actually really easy to use. I was careful to use eye and ear protection and gloves, although the gloves were not really necessary (they made it more cumbersome when marking off measurements.) To best use the miter saw, you are really going to want to use a clamp, and I dished out like 20 cents for a carpenter's pencil. It helps make marks more accurate because it can mark closer to the edge. (Not strictly necessary but nice.) As I said before, I did not have a sturdy table, so I opted to saw on the floor of my patio. THIS IS NOT ADVISED IN THE SAFETY MANUAL. Do so at your own risk. When you start drilling things together, MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK WHICH ONES YOU PUT TOGETHER! I made this mistake, and that's why I am here doing this project a week later. I felt like a special smart person and decided "I'll even wood glue these together!" That was a bad idea. Additional updates pending. I am still working on this today so I will update after. Sneak peek: troubles include stripped screws, incorrect bits, trying to remove wood glue, and a broken drill bit.
  8. Looking for ideas for keeping wood submerged. I've been soaking this for about two weeks and it's still not waterlogged. The last time I tried using it in my present 20 high I soaked it for a couple of months and it still floated. I'm wanting to attach Anubias Nana Petite to make it look like a deciduous tree.
  9. Hi all. I'm very new to any woodworking, but I consider myself to be fairly handy, so I decided to try and make a DIY aquarium rack/stand as shown by King of DIY in this video: My rack will be designed for 20 gal aquariums. So I was all proud of myself because I went to the hardware store and rented a miter saw to cut my wood up (the guy at the cutting center looked like he was high as a kite- better for him not to be operating dangerous machinery.) I started putting things together last night, really proud of myself because I even used wood glue in addition to the screws. I managed to finish all three platforms. Well I realized today that I put it together wrong. When making the frames for the aquarium to sit on, I should have used a shorter piece (which, yes, I had already cut.) I just got so excited to put things together that I didn't double check the tutorial. Normally I would just unscrew the piece and then screw it into the correct piece. But isn't that going to be a problem since I used wood glue? Is wood glue water soluble? How much of a pain is it to take it apart, or should I just throw it out and start again with new wood? (I did make a mistake when cutting one of the pieces- not sure how, but it ended up too long.) I do not have easy access to any cutting tool- just a hand saw and miter box. My husband and I tried to cut some of the 2x4s that way and it was not a realistic way to make the cuts. Just too labor intensive. I haven't been able to find anyone I know who happens to have a good power tool to do the job, so I would have to rent the tool again. I'm certain I can't be the first person to make this mistake. Hoping someone out there with some woodworking experience can help me out!
  10. I’m recently found driftwood I want to put in a established tank. It’s a 75g aquarium with plants that I would prefer were not affected. The wood has been soaking for long enough that it is probably not going to sink on its own anytime soon. Ideally the weights would be minimal so it doesn’t look like they were zip tied to the wood. how would you recommend weighing down the wood to put in a full tank?
  11. Hi all, this is second time this happened to me in different tanks. My redmoor wood or someone calls it spider wood used in aquarium grow something that looks like small roots. this on pictures and first one are bought in different local shops first one was boiled in water this was wasn't. That thing have white color tops and black color "body". It is easy removable with toothbrush and it sinks. Snails and shrimps aren't interested in it. Anyone whit similar thing or any ideas what that is? I found very little informations on google. @Cory maybe you saw it in China or somewhere else? I removed 2 weeks agou all of it and this is new growth.
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