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Found 4 results

  1. I have a Zebra danio that looks noticeably slimmer than my others (fish on the right). I was watching him today and I also noticed that he doesn't eat and he seems to be struggling to swim (ie he is nowhere near as active as the other ones). He has a buddy (fish on the left) that seems to stay close by him and sorta nudges him around as well. My water levels look good and all the other fish appear normal. Is he just old?
  2. So today I got a new male betta. He is in a blackwater planted 2.5 gallon. All watwe parameters are good for a betta. But he did not eat some of his bug bites. I dont know whether he is not Hungary or something is wrong. To guve you more detail he shows no sign of disease. He was also very active in his little cup at the big box store. I dont know if Im just being my worried self or not.
  3. I got 5 panda cory several months ago, they were very small when I got them, less than a half inch, basically large fry size (which I relaize was a bad idea, but I wasn't having a lot of luck finding them). They would not eat anything in the first few days of quarantine. I de wormed them with both paracleanse and levamisole. The levamisole twice, and later, because of another issue with a differentl tank in my house. Before I got them to eat one died. Finally about a week in I tried frozen bloodworms and they went nuts for them. When I was less worried they were starving to death I tried to add other foods by skipping feeding them a day then offering it, but nothing took. Finally after a few weeks of fattening them up on bloodworms I moved them to my display tank wondering if they needed a change of scenery to eat other stuff and still they would only eat frozen bloodworms. I was thinking of trying to add some kind of vitamin to those, when I found hikari vibra bites. To my shock, they loved them too. I guess they only want to eat bloodworm shaped food? It is a pain, because the guppies they live with are very pushy about the bloodworms and vibra bites, so I usually reach in and bury it under a little bit of substrate (its a planted tank), and they dig it up and eat it. I do plan to get a few more when I can find them, and I am hoping the new batch might lead by example and they will eat more stuff? Is this normal for cory? I am very new to them! Here is a list of what they don't eat: xtreme sinking catfish wafers, omega one veggie rounds, xtreme krill flakes, hikari sinking carnivore pellets, sera nature tabs, frozen brine shrimp, live baby brine shrimp, frozen daphnia, freeze dried tubifex worms, new life spectrum tropical flakes, repashy soilent green. Some of these things I never expected them to eat, but I tried everything in my house. This is fine right now, but one day I will be traveling for work again, and my husband is terrified of fish touching him and won't stick his hand in my tanks. I would like to get them on a more "drop and go" food, at least some of the time.
  4. I got these baby Shubunkin, they are about an inch or so and they wont eat. It's been 3 days since i got them.
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