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Found 18 results

  1. My very first test run of a DIY wondershell. Not sure if it'll work, but I'll be testing it out in the next couple of days. I added spirulina for color and food for my snails and shrimp. Has anyone else tried this yet?
  2. I added some wonder shell recently and my GH went to 20+ and TDS to almost 400. Is this normal? I added three small shells to a three gallon and three small shells to 11.3 gallon. I did water changes to bring it down a bit but I’m a little worried about the shrimp in the three gallon.
  3. Does it just raise just the calcium ? Or what else ?
  4. Hi All! I had a bit of staghorn appear in my snail tank recently so I reduced the lighting in the tank. It seems to have all turned red overnight. Is this a sign that it's dying? The only other change I've made is I added wondershell. Could that have affected the algae?
  5. I have a forty breeder with Guppies, cory cats, blood fin tetras, golden wonder killis, a pearl gourami, and a small bushy nose pleco. Will adding wondershells to raise the hardness be ok? As some of the fish like softer water, but wonder shells will be a acclamation process right?
  6. Is there any difference in what these products do? Are there any situations someone might use one over the other?
  7. I have a 75 gallon community tank with Mollies. I have been told it is best to supplement the tank with something like Wonder Shells to make sure the livebearers and plants have a happy life. I have hard water, but I have never tested it. I think I am going to try adding Wonder Shells to my tank, but I was curious how you tell if your minerals are in a healthy range or not? Is Wonder Shell so great that it’s best to add one every few weeks and forget about it? Or should I test my water? I would rather my tank inhabitants and plants have their beat life, but I don’t want to throw money at the tank if it doesn’t need it. Or maybe I just prefer to spend the money on something else for the tank. Haha.
  8. In my 10-gal, medium planted tank are 3, Julii Corydoras and, just recently, a total of 10 nerite snails - up from the original 4. I was wondering whether Wonder Shells should be added. In searching the Forum, others have reported that if the water is hard, then there is really no need to add the Shells- with the proviso that amounts of Ca2+ and other elements are not known. Others have reported spikes in hardness following Wonder Shell addition, with recommendations of repeated water changes to lower the hardness of this detrimental environment. Also noted is Cory's recommendation re the amount of Wonder Shell addition, which is far less than the amount specified on the package. In the present case, the water parameters are: 75 degrees temp, KH 4 drops (71.6 ppm; API assay), GH 8 drops (143.2 ppm; API assay), pH 7.6, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10 ppm (API assay). Thanks.
  9. Hi All~ I just put in a wonder shell. Is it supposed to fizz? its slowing down, but initially it fizzed.. is that normal?
  10. Aloha all! My brain's been melted by my KH journey and I was pondering the Wonder Shell package. It states, "removes chlorine instantly," "a water purifier" and "cleans cloudy water." How? If it removes chlorine, does that mean I don't need to add treatment to my water? Have you ever used yours to "scour inner glass walls...to remove scum and to deter its return" or noticed your fish are especially frisky and reproducing more? Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great product; I'm just curious if anyone uses it as more than just a pH, GH, KH helper?
  11. I noticed that the package label on Wondershell mineral blocks state that they eliminate chlorine in the water. Does anyone know how quickly they can do this? Does using Wondershells in an aquarium eliminate the need to use de-chlorinators during a partial water change?
  12. All but one of my local store except one don't carry wondershell, and the one that does carry it is always out of stock. Every single store always has reptoguard though. As far I can tell they are very very similar in both function and ingredients.
  13. 1) If my water quality numbers are good and rarely vary much, the water is clear and the fish and inverts appear happy, how often should I do water changes? 2) I dosed the tank Sunday with the meds trio because one of the tetras appeared to have a bacterial infection and I don’t have a qt tank. (I will be getting one shortly). The directions in the Coop article say don’t feed the fish for a week - does that include plants, too? I use Easy Green. 3) If I find I need to add Wonder Shell or calcium in the substrate or HOB, which is best? I thank you in advance for your help. This forum gives me the confidence that I can keep my little critters heathy!
  14. How long does it take for a Wonder Shell to have an effect? Prior to the addition of a small Wonder Shell to a 10 gallon tank, my dGH was ~6 and my dKH was essentially 0. After the addition of the Wonder Shell and waiting 24 hours, my dGH was about 6.5 while my dKH was still essentially 0. Should I expect a rise in dKH in a 24 hour period? Would my plants be absorbing the extra minerals released by the Wonder Shell hence the apparent failure to raise the calcium hardness? Thanks in advance for your input.
  15. I have added them in the past haven't noticed any increase or decrease to my ph. Does it do anything to the gh/kh of the water?
  16. Can anyone tell me if the Wondershell will give me the calcium and magnesium that I'm looking for for my plants? I tested my Gh,KH and Calcium and my KH and PH are both sky high and my GH is low (water softener) and when testing for Calcium it was almost non recordable less than 20ppm like 2*
  17. Hot-rodding a new AquaClear 20 for an aquarium. 🛠️ This is how I personally break up the giant Wonder-shell. Safety glasses are MANDATORY... 🚩 Made a DIY algae scraper from a bit of hardware laying around. Used an old ice scraper with a home-brew swivel mount. Carbon fiber rod. 👀 Converted the algae scraper into a scrubber, with one of the Co-Op's foam pads. 👌 Made the handle a good length to keep my hands dry. 👏 Customized an ordinary bucket into a "fish-room-only bucket". Made a bracket in the basement ceiling for hanging it out of the way. 🧺 Maybe I'll do some traveling, in the future. ✈️
  18. I was having trouble getting my blue dreamer shrimp to breed. I watched one of Cory's videos on the subject and he talks about using Wonder shell to get minerals in the water. So a month ago I got some from the co-op. A couple days ago I found baby shrimp and at least one more berried female. That worked great!
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