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Found 4 results

  1. what aquatic animals do you have on your bucketlist, that you really want to keep, but haven't yet, here's mine: Dwarf Chain Loaches Amano Shrimp Hillstream Loach Pygmy Corydora Mystery Snail Kuhli Loach Bolivian Ram Honey Gouarmi what is yours?
  2. Thought it would be interesting to see whats on other hobbyist wishlist. Could be a good source of information or inspiration. Answers can be material items, information, trips (ie..aquashella/ ACO Store in WA), theoretical 🤷🏻‍♂️, or whatever you think of as long as it’s fish, invertebrates, aquarium, or plant related. This is for if you have a single tank, a fish room, or a professional breeder. Guidelines: NEED= Immediate need examples could be: fish food, plants for my new tank, learn how to get rid of black beard algae… WANT= Something maybe you don’t really “need” but would upgrade, educate, or make things easier. Examples could be: new lights, a new book, Siamese algae eaters… WISH= This could include need and want items. It could be unrealistic goal. A single item that may be to expensive. Absolutely anything! Examples could be: an entire fishroom, 300G aquarium, $200 piece of driftwood, privet lessons on aquascaping from George Farmer… Need = Indian almond leaves. I can always use more of these especially with how much I love tannins in my tanks. Want= tannin supplies, to be specific: Lotus flower seed pods, oak acorn caps, accent roots, vine roots, large sisal gogo pods, and large bamboo leaves. And that’s the short list. Wish= New lights would be the big ticket item on my list. I would need 5-4’ , 2-3’ , 5-2’, and 1 nano clip light. I already have 1 Fluval 3.0 and if I was to have the money right now it’s the brand I would go with. But what I will probably do is wait till ACOs lights to come out start small and replace one at a time. My fish and plants deserve better lighting than what I have now.
  3. Santa is bringing me the Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery, with all the fixins: Never Clog Airstone, USB Nano Air Pump, Fritz Freshwater Salt, and ACO Black Airline Tubing. What will Santa be bringing you?
  4. Are there any products you wish were available in your country that you wish you could get your hands on? This is one of mine. JBL makes a quick connect coupling for cannister filter hoses. It's not available in the United States. It gets tiring to drain hoses every time you need to service a cannister filter.
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