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Found 14 results

  1. Why aren't US natives more popular? I want to know how to care for these fish and maybe where to find them? Would love to see what natives everyone keeps. Bluenose Shiner, Speckled Madtom, Mountain Redbelly Dace, Tangerine Darter, Bridle Shiner, and the candy darter.
  2. So earlier today I was watching an older live stream from 2 years ago when Cory returned from Peru and he mentioned a video that they sponsored that would be coming out. I went to find it and it just so happened it came out today.
  3. Anyone else have problems with wild caught cories? Seems like every time I get one it doesn't do well and is too nervous to be comfortable. The tank raised just go about their business.
  4. Trying to figure out what it is. Looks like a Sculpin?
  5. Can someone give me specifics on how to safely introduce/quarantine wild caught plecos to a community tank? I understand having them solo in a Quarantine tank for a month. Then I read mixed things about salt baths and plecos, some say it’s great, others say avoid salt and plecos at all costs. Then med trio dosing once a week for 3 weeks? Again, not troubleshooting anything specific, just trying to be sure they are in a clean bill of health before they go into community. Thanks.
  6. So I went collecting tonight at the Creek right down from the house, Southern Illinois about 1:00 a.m. supposed to get a heavy rain at about 6:00 am, but can anyone tell me what this fish is I have looked and I just can't find what it is, I also collected wild Ram's horns and some mosquito fish with it , I want to say it's some kind of algae eater but idk
  7. Okay y'all what did I collect, Southern Illinois, backyard Creek, water is about 50ish 1 day after rain at 3am, there's an American bullfrog and a southern green frog living in the deepest part of the creek along with wild minnows and pest snails where these were collected, what are they, cuz I have an idea what they are but I'm not for sure
  8. The quarantine tank has been cycled and running for months. Knowing Hatchet fish are mostly wild caught I was ready with frozen and freeze dried blood worms, small Bug Bites and live black worms. I bought four Marbled Hatchet fish and two days later there is only one survivor. ☹️ If this little guy pulls through—should I get him silver Hatchets for companions? They seem to be more prevalent in LFS and one store has had a group of them for at least a month. I bought the only Marbled ones they had.
  9. How's it going everyone, hope you had a great Christmas! Anyway, today I managed to catch some wild sailfin mollies! My first time catching some and I intend on doing some breeding with them. Already found out they can breed with guppies which is really strange. My question is, how do I go from a standard looking sailfin molly to the brightly colored and flashy ones without hybridization? Is it possible? (Also I have them in with some wild caught killifish- fundulus chrysotus and lucania goodei, and a single dollar sunfish)
  10. Hi! I've been watching your channel for awhile now and it just me. Why buy fish from Japan etc that are wild caught? Are there no local fish breeders that can fulfill the same? Just concerned about all the fish disappearing in the world. I've had fish on and off over my 50 years, have a turtle tank going now with guppies & orange minnows. Love them! My turtle inside now is a Diamondback Terrapin 8 months in a 50 gallon. Supposed to be a female but nope. Pond out back are a Res & Red Belly Cooter, both 15 years. Both males. *sigh* ok I'm done! Lol! Nice to be here!
  11. I went on a collecting trip yesterday to get stock for the 1930s Historically Accurate Planted Aquarium. I visited several eastern North Carolina roadside ditches and ponds and a collected a lot of nice plants and fish. I also scored scores of 'grass shrimp' or whatever these are. They were found in soft, warm, acidic freshwater mainly in grassy areas. The water was tea colored from all the tannins. Has anyone spawned them?
  12. I have my first batch of locally caught native and invasive fish in quarantine using the med trio. I can't remember which video it was that Dean talked about his variation of quarantine by alternating between the trio and Levamisole. I am on day 6 and will soon need to do a water change and treat with Levamisole. For the Levamisole, are we supposed to follow the manufacturer's instructions, or do something different? Also, how bad is it to feed the fish during the quarantine period? I lucked out and ended up with three fat sleeper gobies in addition to some feral swordtails (including two females which are red) and some very small gambusia. Due to the wider than expected size variation (one of the fat sleepers is a good 3 inches) in the fish, I've been feeding to prevent predation.
  13. I'm getting a shipment of leopoldi angelfish this week. Has anyone had them? How different are they from scalare and altum? Any tips or suggestions? I'm getting 6 so hopefully I will get a breeding pair.
  14. I was exploring the shoreline of Lake Champlain today, and found this little guy in a mat of plants washed up at the water’s edge. Besides pining for the fjords, what is it?
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