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Found 10 results

  1. Please help….it’s been since before Xmas that my fish have been dying. My first run to the fish store turned out to be a batch of diseased fish that killed off my existing fish. I believe it was ich or the other white spot disease. I wrote in and someone had mentioned to immediately start a treatment of melafix for 7 days. I lost two more fish in the process of the treatment but managed to save 1. Did my 7 days, all was good, did a water change, went to the store and got 8 tetras. I didn’t do the recommended quarantine tank, but I did 3 days of treatment of the melafix to make sure the new fish were not bringing any baggage with them. All went well for two days, then the first tetra died. The day after I noticed that two fish were covered in white spots. So I immediately started another 7 day treatment, 1 more tetra died 2 days after. Now today on my day 7, another tetra has passed. So I did a water test, all is good, did a 25% water change and checked the fish for white spots….and they are all gone. Any one have any ideas of what is going on? Am I doing something wrong? I posted some pics of the fish after water change, please help!
  2. BenA


    Afternoon/morning all. Few days ago I have spotted a white dot on one of my Angel's body, today, while cleaning and changing water I have spotted another on the gills cover, size wise they are the size of a pin head and slightly raised from the body of the fish, the other fish (its mate) is clean. There are no other symptoms or markings on the fish. These are the only 2 fish in a 10gl. tank. Water parameters are all '0' with Nitrite at 50ppm. Any idea? Thanks.
  3. Strange jelly fish looking white stuff sticks to EVERYTHING! no idea what it is. I cant find anything that identifies it . Almost like little jelly trees,they have a trunk like thing then it rounds off like the top of a jelly fish. Anyone have this in thier tank. Is it Harmful? Im stumped
  4. Hey all, I recently took a big leap and got a fancy goldfish- a Thai ranchu. But it's been a bit if a saga. Let me explain. The first fish I brought home was looking kind of lethargic and so I acted quickly, adding aquarium salt and erythromycin. Unfortunately the fish died overnight- less than 24 hrs after being brought home! The aquarium had Lapis Lustre Cemex sand substrate, the aquarium was new and had no previous fish in it, and I used mature filters from my other tanks. Tank temp was room temperature at 70* F and I used dechlorinator several days prior to adding him. Should have been ok, but he kept floating and getting worse and worse. I was heartbroken! I called up the LFS store owner and he was kind enough to give me a replacement (he would have been entitled to tell me "too bad, so sad," I'm glad he was kind enough to consider my situation.) He gave me precise instructions on getting the new fish home- use a different new tank, no substrate, use Prime to dechlorinate and bubble it for 30min, then float the bag for 30min, then drop him in. It worked like a charm and he has been active, curious, and derpy. I have only had him for 3 days and I am worried because I can't tell if these white spots on the head are part of normal coloration or something to be worried about. They are on the wen on his right side, kind of above his eye. Could some people familiar with fancy goldfish give me some feedback on this? The fish is active and appears to be happy, but I might just be missing anything abnormal because I do not have experience with this type of fish. I read something about breeding stars, could this be it? I thought the fish was female based on vent shape (therefor it would not be stars) but it's tough to tell. Current set up: Bare bottom Filters, all mature: small sponge filter for aeration, 70 aquaclear, small internal filter (I keep reading GOLDFISH ARE MESSY! so I would rather overdo things until I am familiar with the fish.) Just added some anubias and Java fern today, cholla wood, and a rock, hornwort, duckweed, and a light designed for a 10gal Parameters: 71* F Ammonia: edging between 0 and 0.5; just did a water change and added prime; I would be surprised if this reading is accurate after only 3 days Chlorine: 0 Nitrate 10ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Hardness: weird color that doesn't match, but probably 300ppm+ based on previous readings of my aquariums Kh: 300 Video from today: https://youtube.com/shorts/MJ5dXZ2s1Ao?feature=share Picture from Wednesday clearly does not show the spots. I am afraid to treat with anything because I am not sure if that's what caused the first fish to die. Tl;dr: are these white spots normal or a sign of disease? From 3 days ago, no white spots present: All other photos are from today.
  5. pH - 7.6 Nitrates - 0ppm Hardness - 8dH Nitrite - 0ppm Ammonia - 0ppm KH/Buffer - 9ppm Water Temperature 74F Came back to the outbreak on my SAPS. Read through a post where another keeper is having a similar issue. Browsing through the link provided comparing ich to epistylis it does appear as though the white dots are raised off of the fish rather then being flat. They were wormed when I got them a little over a month ago. They are still rather active, are not clamping their fins much, but do not seem to have a lot of appetite based on what I see in the tank. Looking for opinions on if I should treat for ich or epistylis. Also, we have some otocinclus with them in the tank, added less then two weeks ago and they show no sign of this yet.
  6. I got this guy 5 days ago and he's developed white spots on one eye and faint white spots on his tail fin, and on the body. Fins have holes in it too. Is this ich, fungus, bacterial, columnaris? I have api fungal cure, api general cure, api furan 2, ich x, api fin and body, and aquarium salt. He hasn't eaten today. He just goes up gulps air then sits back down. It's a new tank, I put media from a established tank in the filter. I test ammonia daily. I think I may have hurt him when trying to net him about two days ago. Could I have caused this? 😞 1st photo when I got him 2nd 3rd photo today 4th the set up 5th hole in fins Ammonia 0 nitrites0 nitrates5 Ph 7.8 Temp 77-78
  7. Hey! I need some help please, I have 2 kuhli loaches with weird white spots. I’ve had ick before however this doesn’t look like ick. It’s flat and just weird looking. I know ick goes for fins first but there fins are fine it’s only on their body. They scratch on things so I thought it was ick but everyone else in the tank is ok. I have 3 dojo loaches,2 kuhli loaches, 2 hillstream loaches, 9 neons, and a beta. My newest fish I added was a loach a little over a week ago. My tank is 3 years old and it’s a 55 gallon. My water temp is around 78 degrees. All the water levels are fine and normal. I had ick maybe 2 years ago and everyone passed except my one of dojos who lived. It got really bad but I took care of it. Now I’m not sure if this is ick because of how strange it looks. I’ll add some pictures to show you guys. I’m not sure if it matters but I have a bamboo and Anubias plant and everything else is fake. Please help me!!
  8. So I've noticed some white spots on my fish's lower fins (I hope y'all can see them through the photos). My fish, a betta, had a brush with fin rot quite recently although due to a variety of perscriptions, he seems better now. I don't want to sound too paranoid, but I was wondering whether the white spots could be fin rot or ich although they could just simply be the natural markings on my fish. By the way here are some close up pictures that took forever to take because he won't hold still:
  9. Gina L


    Hi everyone, I am very new to the hobby and I have a weird situation. I noticed a few of my rummy nose tetras had about 5 white spots on them last week. The next day they were gone. I have seen one spot here and there on a couple other fish and that is it so I am not sure if it is ick. The big thing though I am noticing is a number of my fish flashing. I have a 55 gallon tank and about 6 of my fish are flashing. I treated with salt last week and it seems better - not white spots at all but still a lot of flashing going on. I have one Dalmatian molly in particular that has the shimmys and is almost obsessively flashing. Not sure at all how to treat this. I have lots of plants and 2 african dwarf frogs in the tank so want to be extra careful how I treat. Not sure what to treat with either - ick, flukes? I think my water parameters are good. nitrate is 20 but my ph is 8.1. I tested my tapwater is I am on a well and it is high ph. Thanks!!!
  10. Water Parameters: pH -6.5 Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 40ppm Hardness (GH) - 120ppm KH/Buffer - 0ppm Water Temperature - 76 F Ammonia - 0ppm My Dojo Loach has this strange red spot on his face. It has been there for a bit and just recently appears to have gotten larger. This morning I noticed that he starts to have small bumps on his body and small white dots. Sorry about the images, I know it is hard to see, but please can someone help me? I am new to fish keeping and really want to help him. Someone mentioned that it might be ich developing so I am going to go get some ich meds today after work. Is this what is happening?? How about the red spot on his face? Is the gravel scratching his face? Can it be heater burn? Please help me, I am so afraid for him T_T. Behavior wise, he is eating like normal and very active swimming all around the tank. Please let me know if you need any other information or images or anything. Also, sorry all the images are sideways, not sure how to get them to be the right orientation >_<
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