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  1. Hey, so I just saw my nerite snail with this white spot on his flesh. It's on skin that's normally pulled up under his shell, but since he was feeding at a funny angle, I noticed it and took pictures right away. I don't know if this is something that's normal to be there or if he's got some kind of sickness/parasite/sore. Also, he does have that pit in his shell, but I will be picking up some calcium blocks for him this week. I just noticed the white spot and if I need to get something else to treat it I'd prefer to do it in one trip as it's a bit of a drive to the pet store.
  2. Only notice 1 of the cardinal tetra having some weird spots on the body. can someone guess what this is?
  3. Tank Perameters: pH: 6.9 Nitrates: 25ppm Hardness: 150ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 40-80ppm Water Temperature: 78F Firstly sorry about the crappy picture quality! One of my female Platies (the yellowish one) seems to have some sort of injury or disease on the scales in between her eyes on the top of her head. It looks like the scales are turning white/lightening. I don't see this on any of my other fish or on any other parts of her body. The orange, male Platty also seen in the picture chases her around a lot, so it's possible she scraped herself on something. Thanks in advance!
  4. When I came into work today I noticed one of my Sterbai Corys has a white spot on them. This is my very first aquarium. It has been set up for five weeks, the inhabitants are 4 Sterbai Corys and 3 Nerite snails; they have been in the tank a little over 2 weeks now. I did a cleaning and 15-20% water change on Saturday. Ammonia 0 Nitirite 0 Nitrate 0-10 KH ~100 GH 300+ PH ~7.6 using the coop test strips. The only change in parameters is the temp jumped up to 82 over the weekend(didn't make any changes to the settings). Usually it's around 76. This is the second time I've had the temp jump with this heater. (is my heater bad, or are all heaters bad?). I thought maybe it was ich, but doing some research it doesn't look like it, and it seems ich shouldn't be viable when the temps are above 80.
  5. Water parameters all good. Been doing frequent water changes. This is my second round with Gold Rams, first batch had fungus ended up culling them. This batch a couple have this white spot on fins or tails, this one is by far the worst in this batch. Varys with One spot or maybe up to three much smaller spots. I’ve Ich X them, currently using Maracyn on them in another day or two I’ll paraguard them. Had these Rams about 2 weeks. These fish must be acceptable to disease?? Everything I read on them is their hardy but couldn’t prove that by me. Anyone have any suggestions? If I cull this batch out I’m going with Appistos.
  6. Greetings! 2-3 of my green neon tetras has tiny white patch on their tails It doesn’t look like ich. They are swimming normally. Dunno if they are pooping, never seen one do so. They used to eat everything now they only accept frozen/live food (spoiled brats!!!) I was wondering what it could be and how to treat it if needed? Tank is planted, temp about 75, ph 7.6, kh 4, gh 11, 0/0/30. WC every week or 2 weeks depending.
  7. I got in some cardinal tetras that did fine through a 2 week quarentine then when we put them in the tank we had for them we noticed these spots show up ive dosed the med trio as the packaging said for over a week with no change. They are eating and active and being kept at about 80°f with agressive bubbles from an airstone in a 15 gallon tank with tiger Lilly and cryps and katapa leaves. 8 cardnals in all. Any advice?
  8. Got her with 1 male and 1 other female. The 1st female didn't make it past the first night. I have in quarantine tank and was doing preventive care with the trio of meds ( ich x, fritz paracleanse and maracyn) . The two left were great for 5 days then fem start to get flakes on head then stringy poop. Male is fine he does seemed bothered by anything. I'm new to aquarium life. I've got most meds and salt. Fish are in a 5 gal tank. Temp is 76°F. Hardness is 8.4 to 8.8 water is naturally hard. Nitrate is 0 ppm Ammonia is 0 ppm Nitrite is 0 ppm
  9. Can't get a good picture, but can give a good description: 1 angelfish in a lightly planted 55 gallon. Only tank mates are snails. Every few months, 1 tiny white 3D dot will appear on a boney part of a fin - not the webbed part. The dot tends to be about 1 cm from the tip. After days to weeks, the bone is bent at the dot, as if broken. A few days later, the dot and the boney section past it simply fall off. The most frequent fins are the 2 long dangly ventral fins. Currently, there are 3 of these white dots - 1 on a ventral, and 2 on the tips of the anal fin. This has been happening for years, but I'd never seen 3 at a time before. Parameters: pH 7.8-8.0 Nitrates 10-30 Hardness 11 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 3 Water Temperature 76 Any ideas?
  10. Hello all, Between last night and this evening, a white dot has presented itself on one of my two pea puffers faces. Is it ick? I have bought the trio of medicine from aquarium co-op so they are available if I need it, but I want to be sure before I try to treat something. Thank you all
  11. So I just noticed this today on my Celebes Rainbowfish, in between his head and top fin. Wondering if maybe he just scratched himself. Here are my parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 ppm PH: 7.5 KH: 80 (If I am reading the strip right) GH: 75 (If I am reading the strip right) Temperature varies between 79-81 Was the first time I noticed it, and it wasn't there yesterday. So figured I should reach out.
  12. I purchased 3 L205 Peckoltia sp about a week ago, they are currently in a 65L about 16G qt tank alone. They deveoped white spots 2 days ago (probably before but they are spotted and it was hard to see at first). I raised the temp to 28c about 82f and added approximately 1tbsp per 3G of aquarium salt. Today I noticed similar little white spots on the spider wood in the tank (see picture) made me think it may be something else. I'm sure the spots weren't on the wood yesterday. Ph 6.7 Kh/Gh 0 Nitrate 0 Nitrite/Ammonia 0
  13. Hi Team, First of all, thank you for your time and efforts in educating all of us, in this forum. My Toffee (Black Gold Oranda) has been with us for a year now, he has this white pimple on the tip of his mouth for a quite long time now (I really cannot recall when/how it happened). He is fine, full of personality, however, this white pimple is giving me some concerns. I started to notice very small tiny white ones started to grow (I might be imagining) and I wanted to seek your advise on this. Tank: 55 Gallon 2 x 407 Cannister Filter Ammonia: ~0, Nitrite: ~0, Nitrate: Below 5PPM, PH: 7.2, Water Temp: 25.2F Water changed every 5 - 7 days
  14. I finally get some breeding going on and I notice these spots on a few of my shrimp that I haven't seen before. Maybe a parasite? Fungus? Google wasn't much help on treatment. Water parameters 0 ammonia O Nitrite <10 nitrate Ph 7.5 Is this normal? If not treatment ideas???
  15. Hi guys- Over the past three days or so the white, pimple-like lesions on the face of our Peacock Cichlid have worsened. Just recently, it appears as though the lesions are becoming reddened, possibly because of irritation or infection? They almost look like blisters??? Of course the first thing that pops up with any mention of white spots on fish is Ich, but I don't believe this to be that. Can anyone tell me from the pictures what we're dealing with here? Water Parameters- Temperature- 79°F Nitrite- 0 ppm, Nitrate- 30 ppm, and Ammonia- 0 ppm. Thanks guys! Note- no other fish are exhibiting any similar symptoms.
  16. Hi, Previously, 3 cardinal tetras had several white spots on them. I've been treating the entire tank with Paraguard, and gradually raising the temperature to 85.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It's been two weeks already, two of them cleared up, but the third one has only one single white spot just before the back fin. Should I continue treatment? Please advise. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hello! I picked up a female betta last Saturday and I noticed a white spot under her belly. I immediately thought it was poop but after living in a 10g quarantine tank with half a dozen blue gouramis she still had it. I finished medicating General Cure (standard for new fish) and was preparing to put her in the 75g with the dwarf powder blue gouramis and 2 female bettas. When I was taking the pics below, I noticed my other 2 females in the 75g also had the same spot. All of the fish that I am talking about have been medicated with API General cure. Due to how active the other 2 females are I was unable to get pics of them but I did get 2 of the new girl. I also attached a photo of a betta I found online where you can see the spot better. The black one is mine the white on isn't. Is it normal? If not, what is it? Thanks!
  18. Last night I noticed this white spot. Is it a fungus infection? Would this treat what it is? My ammonia and nitrite are 0, nitrates are 10, ph 7.6, temp 78.6.
  19. My guppy had a white spot that is almost banded around the end of her tail show up overnight, I’m trying to identify it as it doesn’t really look like parasites but it’s also not fuzzy like the images of fungus I’ve seen online. She swims fine and still has a voracious appetite. In terms of things I know have changed, I added some crushed coral in because I had some of what I think was stress related deaths before I introduced these new guppies (a male and female killed eachother, and the second female died a few days later after looking stressed) and people on the forum recommended coral based off my water parameters (soft water and low ph). I added the crushed coral maybe 2 days ago with her and the male in the tank before introducing 2 new females, and did notice her rub on my anubias while I sprinkled it in, but she doesn’t do that commonly. If you guys have an idea on what it is and treatment options I would love to hear it, if needed I can try to set up an old 1.5 gal tank to separate her, but it would be easier to treat in the main tank, as I would need to cycle the 1.5. But I have live plants and cherry shrimp
  20. Okay so a couple of days ago I noticed a white spot/blemish above my red eyed tetras eye. It doesn't appear fuzzy or anything. At first I thought it was from fighting as he seems to be a bully. Not sure what to do I am attaching some photos. I new again to fish keeping and want to keep everyone else happy and healthy. I have a 29 Gal tank with 5 other red eyes 6 Rainbow tetras 1 yellow blue eyed Pleco Water 75 Deg soft water ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 0 Tidal HOB filter did a water change this past weekend Any help would be appreciated John
  21. Hi all I have 2 pea puffers in a 10 gallon tank (1 male, 1 female, planning to get more females). Recently there has been some breeding activity (without any results unfortunately) so the female has been chased around a lot by the male. That is why I'm trying to get hold of 1 or 2 more females to spread the males attention a little. The last week or two the female has lost some weight, she's still eating but not as much as before it seems. The most obvious thing though is 2 very small white dots under her mouth. I was thinking stress ich at first but it doesn't seem to spread and more importantly, the two spots are 100% symmetrical to each other on both sides, which is pretty interesting. I've tried treating with salt, Levamisole and a med for bacterial and fungal infections (in that order, not all at once). I'm in Europe so the med trio is not an option unfortunately. Right now I have elevated the temperature to 82 °F (28°C). Does anybody have any idea what this could be? Thanks
  22. I noticed a white color on top of the body of this juvenile guppy. is it a symptom of a disease not sure. any advice
  23. icgrant

    Spot on guppy

    Hi Guys, Just woke up this morning and found this white spot on 2 of my female guppy's. Have a 65 Gallon tank with 12 guppies and 4 Bolivian rams. Temperature of tank is 25C/77F Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0 Nitrates being constantly 10 for a while. Soft water and PH being steady at 8.0 Did a 50% water change 2 days ago trying to get rid of the brown hair algae.
  24. What’s the white appearing on its fins?? 1st pic- yesterday 2nd & 3rd pic- last night The rest of the pics are today. Parameters 0.25, 0, 10-20 Recently had ammonia spike due to canister filter breaking and the angel had red lines outlining its body. They’ve faded but now the white. I’ve been doing fairly large water changes with prime and stress coat almost every day. What else should I do?? Meds? What is it?? Thanks
  25. I just bought it and after a day i noticed this on two of my pleco's . Please tell me if its a bruise or a disease .
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