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Found 12 results

  1. Started a few years back with golden shortfin male bred to the best regular longfin female i had to create F1. All F1 came out as standard shortfin fish, but carry the gene for gold and/or longfin. Since both gene are recessive, to get a golden longfin(double recessive) the baby will need to have both recessive gene of the gold and longfin from both parent. Next step was choosing the best F1 to breed with themselves in hope they happen to carry the 2 gene. Chances are 25% non carry/50% carry but no show/25% carry and show. In real life I got less that 10% that came out gold and about 25% came out longfin.(longfin at this time was very low quality, they just show sign of being long-"er" than shortfin). But with my luck I happen to get a very nice golden longfin in this batch(bottom photo at 4 month old). Breeding F2 with F2 So I ended keeping 2 golden longfin male and 3 longfin female 1 gold and 2 regular. Only keeping the golden babies(F3). Took the F3 and pair them back to their father(F2). Bottom photo.. Young fish aren't long enough, they wasn't even 4 month old yet. Right now F4 is growing up as fry. And I have already started a new pairing for a different set of F1 so ill have something to cross to when the F4 stuff gets too inbred. Bottom photo is the parents of the new F1 completely unrelated to the first family. Backtracking a bit, the first family all had yellowtips or whitetips, but 2 fish in F3 batch. They were longfin regular color fish that carry the gold gene, they are green/red. So I put them together hoping they kick out a few golden fry with a different fin color. I'm also crossing F4 to shortfin gold and F4 to F3(uncle) just to have something different to bring back into the family. Hopefully guy/guy are going the same and we can cross bloodline one day. Its pretty fun when you go back is see their history. If you made it this far thanks, I do enjoy working with these fish..I'll photo bomb from here.....
  2. Was thinking of keeping my summer tub fish, White Clouds and Rosy Barbs, in the basement over winter, which stays in the mid-50s F. I've seen and heard the anecdotes about them surviving with ice over the top of the water, so my question isn't so much "can they tolerate that temperature", but more "how will they do at that temperature for 7ish months?" I don't see much out there on the internet discussing long-term cold-ish water, so was hoping some of you had some practical experiences; how they did, if they still laid eggs, how much less food they ate, etc. etc. It may just boil down to that "one stress factor" they can tolerate and still be fine that Cory often mentions, but would appreciate anyone's actual experiences. Thanks!
  3. I have 11 Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnows that have been in an outdoor tub for several months. I bought 5 Platinum Medaka Rice Fish about 2 weeks ago that are in a separate outdoor tub. I would like to maximize breeding of both. Can I safely put both species in a single large heavily planted tub without worrying about increased predation of one species adults against the other's Fry? In other words, do the fish recognize the other species fry as "foreign" and are more likely to eat the other species fry than their own? I know both species are pretty good about not eating their own fry given enough food and cover. Neither have shown any signs of spawning yet. Any other hints for breeding these 2 species? Thanks for your input and experience.
  4. I just noticed one of my female white clouds has this bump, it's not symmetrical to her body and looks gray in appearance and looks like their might be some internal bleeding towars the rear end of the lump. Does anyone know what this is? Cyst? Cancer? Parasite? Is there even anything I can do and would it be contagious?
  5. Noticed this today on my White Mountain Minnow. No other fish appear affected. I don't have a quarantine tank or hang on tank so it's in a bag at the mo. I thought it might be a fungus so bought some API Pimafix. I've added one dose to the tank so far. Also wondered if it was Ich? Any Ideas?? it's a pinky white blob / spot.
  6. I bought 6 guppy - males. There was a surprise fry in the bag! From what I can see so far, it’s going to be a female so I don’t want to let her in the 10 gallons with the males. My other tank is a 20 gallons with 12 white cloud mountain minnows and 1 dwarf crayfish. I would like to put my female there and maybe breed her in a seperate plastic tub once or twice for fun/have few females to add with her in the 20 gallons so she doesn’t stay the only guppy. Can these two fish species coexist? I know the temperature is a bit at the limit but I’d keep the aquarium at 72. What are you tought on my project? Doable? Will the fish be happy?
  7. Greetings! I am still struggling a bit with the whole temperature range. I understand they can live between these temperatures but the extremes are not ideal. i have a 20 gallons tank with 12 white clouds minnows and 2 mexicain dwarf crayfish. Am still a beginner so for now, plastic plants... that sometimes get brown algea. It annoys me so I would like to get otocinclus. But would they be ok with my minnows as they prefer their water on the cooler sides? I find many sites and the information vary so much. At what temp do you think my whole group could be happy and thrive? I was thinking 72 f? But it seems in the upper range for White Clouds. « Your tank should be kept between 64-72°F. Fluctuations above and below this range are tolerable, but the temperature should never exceed 80°F. » (source : fishkeepingworld) And the lower range for the otocinclus « The temperature should be 72-79°F » (same source). What are your toughts? Can I have both these species in my tank? Thank you! Karen
  8. I have this White Cloud Minnow that is a bully. Within a week, my 6 males had damaged fins. Within 2 weeks, my fishes were all staying at the top left corner of the aquarium- he wouldn’t let them move. I tried everything- time out for a day and rearranging the decor, adding more minnows, putting him 3 weeks all alone in a tank. I know he is the problem (and not the decor or my crayfish) because everything healed when he was away. I felt bad keeping him alone so I added him back... and he is back to chasing everyone around, etc. While he was gone, another male became dominant but never to that extent. How long should I give him his chance back in the main tank? Should I remove him right away or give him/everyone a few days to settle? I fed them, added API stress coat and closed the light for now. Thank you! Karen ps : If it doesn’t work, I will bring him back to the fish store. ☹️
  9. So she wasnt always like this and I was wondering if maybe it was bc she was egg bound or something else? In the process of currently testing water parameters just to make sure and will report back in like 15 minutes
  10. There is one tiny little white ish discolored spot on the back of my white cloud mountain minnow and I would like to make sure it is not a fongus or any other type of disease? it doesn’t seem to be raised or hairy. The quality of the pictures is not amazing but these fish aren’t the easiest to photograph 😖 20 gallons with 13 WCMM and 3 cpo (dwarf crayfish) 68 F pH 7.6 0/0/10 gH 10 kH 4 Aqueon quietflow 20 Have an air stone.
  11. Hellllp! This is my tank, a 20 gallons with 13 white cloud minnows. Temp about 68 f. Fake plants/decoration. There is a lot of agression and chasing around amongst my white cloud minnows. So much so that many are missing fins/half a tail, etc. I remember @Cory saying they were very peaceful ... obviously they did not get the memo!! 😅 More seriously, am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to reduce agression? It’s often the same one causing the agression. Should I rehome it? Such a shame, it’s my prettiest one 😔
  12. Roughly 1 year old WCMM. Finally moved the whole lot out of my goldfish tank to their own solo tank. This one seems a lot more bloated than the others. Not sure if it is pregnancy or potentially parasites worth medicating for. If it looks more like Pregnancy should I add a spawning mop?
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