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Found 9 results

  1. I'm setting up a new 10 gallon aquarium consisting of only wcmm and mabey a handfull of shrimp and a mystery snail. Aqadvisor is telling me I can get away with about 13 wcmm but that sounds like alot to me. Can anyone share some insight?
  2. Hi I have a flu Al flex 15 g tank (I neglected it for a while but I’m getting back into the hobby) with 2 white skirt tetras , 1 neon tetra, and a 2-2.5 in green fish with red fins (not sure what it is) I would like to get 4 more white skirt tetras, 5 more neon tetras, a cleanup crew, 6 white cloud minnows, and lots of plants. I am currently using a mixture of sand and fluval stratum for substrate. Will I be able to fit the white cloud minnows? Any substrate suggestions? Any recommendations for cleanup crew? Any plant suggestions? Thanks, Jack
  3. Little background. I guess I have found out I'm the typical newbie who ended up doing more harm than good due to her inexperience and lack of research...though I really did do ALOT of research...or so I thought! BUT in hindsight I realize now that I did research in order to rationalize proceeding with what I have come to realize now was a very BAD idea to begin with instead of research in why this idea should not continue...at least not for a newbie. Let the saga begin!!! I converted a peace lily into a water plant and thought it would be awesome to have fish swimming around the roots...best of both world's planter/fish tank. After doing my due diligence....or so I thought I converted my peace lily into a water plant, waited 2 weeks added my snails....beautiful zebra narrate snails....2 of them, waited another 2 weeks and was suppose to add my red cherry shrimp but the store didn't have any...so waiting for them but added my fish 2 weeks following...4 white clouds. The whole time I was had been checking the water once a week with the 5 in one test strips...thanks Cory for the advice of cutting them in half to last longer, REALLY appreciating that now! So then I feed my fish-Bug Bites-following directions...feed twice daily only as much as they can eat in 2 minutes. Feed my fish and off to work I went. Guess you all probably realized what happened after that...yep ammonia spike. Which ironically enough I ended up knowing about before I even went home due to watching one of Cory's videos on fish in tank cycling and what NOT to do and why...yeah hindsight and all. So I'm freaking out at work...work night shift 7pm-7am. I read and read and read and following Cory's video advice when I got home and realized that thankfully my fish are alive and active...so maybe they stood a chance. Tested water. Nitrate 30ppm, Nitrite 2ppm, pH6.5, KH 40 ppm, GH 30 ppm and ammonia was a whopping 6.0...could of been higher but that's as high as my test strips went. I immediately did a 50% water change, rushed to the pet store when it opened and bought API Ammo Lock...last bottle and only thing available. Followed bottle directions and now for obvious reasons am questioning EVERYTHING I'm thinking and doing. Should I do another 50 % water exchange before 24 hrs. are even up...ammonia is currently at 3.0 and fish seem to be fine not at top of tank gasping for air, or sluggish lie about behavior so far and NO I have not feed them which is my next question. Cory says...video...to hold off food for 4 days, and then feed again a week later and every week there after...as long as tests are going well bump up feed once a week until feeding daily. But these guys are tiny...does that still apply to them? And PLEASE tell me what I should do next, or look for or not do. I just want to give these little fighters the best chance possible and not suffer for my stupidity! Bottle of Ammo Lock says to dose again in 2 days? HELP!!!
  4. I just picked up 100 White Clouds from my LFS for dirt cheap. I’m in the New River Gorge area of WV. How cold can these guys handle over winter in a 100gal Rubbermaid stock tank? If needed I can move them into a building but I’d like to be able to overwinter outside if possible. Thanks in advance
  5. Was going to put my white clouds in a pond I got outside when I noticed a whole bunch of tadpoles in it, I’ve got some nice moss growth in this pond and its got green water so it’ll be really great, but was wondering if the white clouds would be able to breed with the tadpoles or not, this is a smaller frog species I’ve seen before that only get about an inch long as adults so the tadpoles don’t have huge mouths or anything
  6. Had a new tank setup awhile ago and just threw in a pair of white cloud minnows I had in my community tank into the fluval spec 5 gal, noticed a fry in the tank being taken by the current didn't get a good look then saw these guys in the filter and pump compartments of the tank. Any advice to keep these guys alive and healthy?
  7. Just picked out a few males to breed in individual tub. what are you guys working with this year? got some pictures of your stock?
  8. Have about 20-30 White Clouds in an outdoor pond. The Water temp varies between 55-60, prob warmer when it heats up. Have had them out there for a month or two and no eggs or fry seen. I have seen maybe 10 die but not sure why. Have some Java Moss, hornwort, frogbit and water lettuce. Any suggestions to induce spawning.
  9. So for my outdoor tubs this year I am trying to get everything finalized. The Plan is to breed Yellow Fin White Cloud Minnows along with keeping some panda corys as a clean up crew. The goal is to breed the white clouds, and it would be cool if the corys breed, but i dont care if they do or dont. Anyways, I have never bred a fish that needs a spawning mop. I read that mosses can do the job of a spawning mop. So I was thinking I would use java moss. Do I have to remove the eggs from the moss for them to hatch, or can I leave them in there and they will hatch by themselves? Or will the aduldts eat them? I plan on using a 40 gallon stock tank.
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