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Found 3 results

  1. I have 4 goldfish in a 65g tank. Just recently my oranda showed these spots. It's been about 3 weeks as I thought it was just wen growth. But now some of the white spots are dark. I just did a 40% water change (usually do 30% weekly) and changed the media in my filter (fluval 407). I am testing the water in the am. I do struggle with ammonia. I only have 4 fish, so I know that it's not a crowded tank. I will update tomorrow with the nitrate and ammonia levels. Just feeling super frustrated. I lost my pearl scale last month. 😢
  2. I have spent time on several other forums and YouTube in search of the answer to this question and the web is split. Are the white spots in my goldfish’s wen fungus or a natural part of growth? I just received this small oranda from an online seller so he is in qt. I have added my water parameters however the fish came in with the white spots so I am not sure how helpful they will be. Finally the aquarium has 1 tbsp of salt per 2 gallons (aquarium coop lvl 2 salt treatment). Ammonia 0 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 hardness 300 buffer 40-80 ph 6.8-7.2 chlorine 0 temp 72
  3. Hi Everyone, Our Oranda we recently adopted from neighbors (3 weeks with us) was treated of Fungus (white cotton) in QT tank, however, it came back again today after a week being in the community tank. Instead of moving her (again) to QT, we decided to treat the whole tank using API Fin and Body Cure, today was the first dose mixed with food. The concerning part of all this is the red spot on her wen, I have uploaded a video as well as pictures of her. Any suggestions and advise is much appreciated. Water Parameters: 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 5 PPM Nitrate, PH 7.3 2 x 407 Fluval Cannister Filters 55G tank Water change of 35% every 5 days Available Meds we have at home: - API General Cure - ICh-x - API Fin and Body Cure - Maracy 2 (yes we have backup) - PraziPro ------ White cotton went out by itself in this video RedSpot:
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