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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, First time poster here, with a question about DIY internal filters for my bedroom's 55 gallon aquarium. I am planning on sectioning off a portion of my 55 gallon aquarium similarly to how Joey from the King of DIY did in a most recent video and create a internal filter. This aquarium currently has rainbows and apistos in it so I cannot have high flow on the bottom 1/3 of the aquarium. What submersible pump could I use for this setup? I have been thinking about getting a sicce silent 1.0 or 1.5 but I have heard they can be loud and I can't really afford a 300 dollar pump. Any Ideas? Thank you very much for your time and responses in advance!
  2. I saw a youtube video on water changes where they put a pump inside of a bucket to move water into the tank gently through a tube. I am interested in what is a cost effective pump, as well as whether there are pumps that can be used outside of the bucket between the bucket and aquarium in both directions?
  3. I watched Cory’s video “How to Speed Up Your Aquarium Water Change” and the Cobalt MJ1200 isn’t available anymore. What is the best alternative? I was cheap and bought this pump, but it sucks. That dial on top of that small tube on the left side of the pump in this picture wasn’t closing off to have water flow out of a connected tube. The tube to connect a hose to on this pump has a 5/8” diameter, and I used a 7/8” tube to fit it.
  4. I need an electric sump pump for my hot tub, can I use it also for my aquariums?
  5. So I think I've mentioned something like this before, but now I'm interested in recommendations for an auto sump/pump that I can use to push water into my utility sink after it drains from my overflow lines. Essentially I'll have a 100g basin pumping fresh water into the tanks and overflowing into a 40/50 gallon tub beside the sink. I want a pump that will switch on automatically when I do these water changes so I can focus on the water going into the tanks without worrying about the basin overflowing onto my floor.
  6. Alright last random question for the week - water pumps! I need to find a pump that can move water from a reservoir into some of my tanks, and from the drainage basin (from tank overflows) into my sink drain. These should run submerged and I don't want something that could leak oil into the water for obvious reasons! Any good product leads for pumps like these? Gracias!
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