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Found 3 results

  1. I got inspired last night to make a fish tank lid strong enough for my cat to stand on with a built-in bubble window kind of like this: That way the window would be partially under the water surface so she could see the fish better. The thing is, she doesn’t really watch the fish right now. She loves to drink their water, but doesn’t seem that interested in the swimming things. She only has one viewing angle right now and that’s the short end of the 55 gallon, so it’s not the best, but she has literally shown no interest. So would I be wasting my energy? (Probably...) Do your cats like to watch fish, and do you think they’d use something like this?
  2. I was down all of yesterday with a sinus flare-up (thank you, weather change). As a result, I spent the day in bed. Never been so grateful for the decision to have a tank in the bedroom. This was my view every time I woke up.
  3. I recently changed over my big aquarium. I sold the fish to my LFS and I am starting again. Why? Because it was not the tank I would sit down in front of with my cup and coffee and just watch for 1/2 an hour. My wife was highly skeptical. 'That's the best aquarium we have ever had. Nothing ever goes wrong. It is easy to take care of. What possible benefit of can come of getting rid of the angelfish? I like those fish!' And she was right on every count. I like(d) them too. Back when the parents were spawning and then growing the babies, there was excitement and even a little risk everyday. But after 4 years the tank had settled in to a happy monotony. Breeding wouldn't happen again as there were too many adult angels for a territory to be defended. It wasn't bad, but it was one big school of angels, almost like a school of tetras, very pretty to watch and very predictable. I need a challenge, I want a project, I want some risk. So now there are 11 discus in the big aquarium. The tank is new to them. I feel their apprehension as they are exploring the nooks and crannies of the driftwood. Each day they venture a little further and with more confidence. The biggest fish is the leader of the pack and initiates foraging runs and also serves as chief look out. Now the old excitement is back. That's the tank I want to be watching now because now that tank gives me hours of pleasure again.
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