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  1. Hello, I have been keeping pea puffers/dwarf puffers for 10 months (but I have been keeping freshwater aquaria since the 80s). I have 7 of them in a long-established, heavily planted 20 gallon, along with a bristlenose pleco, 2 siamese algae eaters, a bumblebee goby and 3 nerite snails. The pea puffers were small and young when I bought them, so they are all a little over a year old at this point. One of my puffers is not eating, wasting away to a skeleton. This is the third time this has happened to one of my pea puffers, although the first two times this happened, the puffers were newly-acquired and never ate for me after I bought them. This is the first time one of my established, healthy puffers has stopped eating and started wasting away. I treat all of my fish with quarantine trio when I get them, so all of these fish have been through that medication regimen once. Additionally, I treated the entire display tank with a combination of Ruby Reef Kich Ich and Rally since getting these fish. I have not added any new fish since then. No new fish, snails or plants since last October, or since treating with multiple meds. When I see a pufferfish wasting away, my first thought is to suspect parasites. Other than its caudal fin looking like someone has been chewing on it, I don’t see any disease markers like cottony growth, spots, ulcers etc. None of the above-mentioned medications helped the previous 2 wasting pea puffers. They simply never ate after I brought them home last year, and wasted away. Any ideas on what could be causing this inappetance and wasting away? Should I still go ahead and treat the display tank with Quarantine Trio? Or something else? Will Quarantine Trio kill my nerites or plants? I have attached 2 photos of the sick pea puffer and a photo of my tank. I feed the fish a rotation of these Hikari frozen foods: omega-enriched brine shrimp, plain brine shrimp, Spirulina mysis shrimp, plain mysis shrimp, blood worms. They refuse to eat frozen daphnia, cyclops or tubifex worms. I occasionally feed them Fluval Bug Bites (which they sometimes eat, sometimes don’t). pH: 7.2 (before turning on the paintball CO2) Ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: between 20-40 GH: 89.5ppm KH: 4dKH water temperature: 78F
  2. Ph: 7.4 Hardness: 9-10 KH: 7-8 (the dropper was giving me half drops at some points) Temp. : ~67 F Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0-5 ppm (All parameters from the QT tank) Some backstory: Friday I went to my LFS and got a couple pygmy cories. One of them was looking a little bad when the employee got them out of the tank (as in the others were swimming and that one was practically half-buried under the gravel in the breeder box). When I pointed this out, the guy gave me it for free. Fast forward that night, I could find everyone but him, and found him "resting" in the middle of a vallisneria crown, not moving an inch except slightly moving his tail. His fins were down and clamped when on the ground and looked absolutely terrible. And I mean terrible. Of course, I panicked and set up a quarantine tank out of an old tank I had sitting around and popped an old sponge filter & some sponge from my HOB on the main tank. The QT tank is in the restroom which means its only about 65 F and I netted the very lethargic cory and dropped him in. I also put 2 tbs of aquarium salt in for good measure (the QT tank is 10 g) since I heard that those symptoms- skinny, lethargic- usually match internal parasites. The thing is the new fish really didn't eat that much so I never got to see any glimpse of white poop. Right now I don't have access to anything online because Amazon's business days start on Monday so I went to my LFS to get some general cure but they were out. I ended up getting some frozen bloodworms instead, something I never fed my fish and figured the cory would take to. Unfortunately the cory now is just sitting in random spots, barely moving except his tail and pretty much discolored. He also sometimes just leans a little sideways. Doesn't help that the QT tank is cloudy but he really just looks terrible. I want to get a medication but after hearing that general cure sometimes doesn't work, I really don't know what meds to get, there's so much. Praziquantel in Paracleanse, Levamisole in Expel-P, and god knows what else is out there. Also don't really expect him to recover. Anything you guys recommend doing? also forgive me for the really bad quality pictures I have, this wouldn’t even allow me to post the video I have of the Cory wiggling. The top one is a relatively fine Cory I have compared to the bad one at the bottom.
  3. I'm having trouble with my Bolivian Ram. About 3 months ago my ram became substrate bound and has been unable to swim without a lot of effort. It spends most of its time as it is shown in the picture below. I'm also a bit concerned about its stomach being rubbed along the sand so much. It is still active and will chase your finger around the glass. It eats quite a bit less than it did before getting sick but still eats. I keep the tank at 74 degrees and all the other fish have been doing well. It was the king of the tank so bullying has never been an issue. I attempted to treat with aquarium salt in a quarantine tank for about 3 weeks. I kept the dosage at 1 tbsp per 2 gallons. It seems like a swim bladder issue. Does this seem like a correct diagnosis? What can I do if anything? Thanks in advance!
  4. Poor fella, just noticed this today. Have no idea if it's an illness or if it's a physical injury. Here is what they are supposed to look like, what should I do?
  5. Hello, For several months I’ve been battling some sort of parasite. Guppies get skinny and die one after another. Included is 1 neon tetra and 1 purple rasbora. They’re both really skinny and can’t gain weight. Some fish have become skinny and lethargic but bounced back. Many have died. Things I’ve tried: general cure (2x), prazipro (2x), levamisole (3rd round), medicated food with general cure and epsom salt to promote passing the parasites. Multiple cleanings a day with Turkey baster removing poop, daily water changes around medication schedules. Aquarium salt almost constantly. Now keeping water clean and watching after last levamisole treatment. Meds were spaced out a week or so each. Feeding: bbs, bloodworms, frozen brine, 2 different flakes, live black worms when available, some sort of frozen medley for tropical fish. tank parameters : ph: 8.0-8.2 temp: 78° ammonia, nitrites: 0ppm nitrates: <40ppm always Gh, kh: 4°, 6° no decor, bare bottom tank. Sponge filter. I think the levamisole did some good as all but 3 fish are plumping up. Those 3 were extremely skinny though. Any other suggestions? Should I separate the skinny ones?
  6. I bought 9 rummy nose tetras from the local big box store and placed them in quarantine and medicated with the Trio. These guys came in rough. Skinny, sickly, and just weak. 4 of them died before the next morning, which honestly didn't surprise me that much and they started showing signs of ich. The remaining 5 were doing better with the meds, the IchX did the job and everyone was looking physically better. Immediately when I brought them in I noticed that none of them would eat flake/dried foods, so I switched to frozen foods. This leads me to believe the might've been wild caught. Everyone started eating the frozen foods, or so I thought. after a week or so, I noticed one fish slowly wasting away, getting real skinny, when fed, he will suck the food in his mouth, roll it around and spit it out. He darts around mouthing and spitting out seemingly everything, everyone else just eats it. I figured I'd treat with some PraziPro, let that run for another 5 days. Still wasting away. I'm treating with a dog deworming now (fenbendazole) at ~100mg/ten gallons. Its been 2 days, and no real change. Anyone have experience with this and treated successfully? I'm kinda figuring this guy is a goner but trying to give him a chance.
  7. One of my local fish stores finally had some Sterbaii Corydora in two weeks ago, but they were quarantined. I went back a week later and they still had them quarantined. They said they had some trouble with some and they wanted to continue watching them. A week later they had sold all but three, but a wanted three! They looked pretty good in the tank. I spoke with the employee helping me about them being in quarantine for two weeks. I asked if they lost a lot of them or if they sold them. He said they sold them. When I got them home one of the little guys looks a little rough. I don’t remember any of them looking like this in the tank, but he did have a hard time catching one of them. I’ve included a picture. Since they had been in QT at the store for so long I was just going to watch them and see how they did. But now I am considering a round of Paracleanse. What do you all think? I have an established QT tank that they were only added to last night, but here are the parameters. pH 8 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Hardness Unknown, but hard. Temperature 76
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