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Found 2 results

  1. I bought 9 rummy nose tetras from the local big box store and placed them in quarantine and medicated with the Trio. These guys came in rough. Skinny, sickly, and just weak. 4 of them died before the next morning, which honestly didn't surprise me that much and they started showing signs of ich. The remaining 5 were doing better with the meds, the IchX did the job and everyone was looking physically better. Immediately when I brought them in I noticed that none of them would eat flake/dried foods, so I switched to frozen foods. This leads me to believe the might've been wild caught. Everyone started eating the frozen foods, or so I thought. after a week or so, I noticed one fish slowly wasting away, getting real skinny, when fed, he will suck the food in his mouth, roll it around and spit it out. He darts around mouthing and spitting out seemingly everything, everyone else just eats it. I figured I'd treat with some PraziPro, let that run for another 5 days. Still wasting away. I'm treating with a dog deworming now (fenbendazole) at ~100mg/ten gallons. Its been 2 days, and no real change. Anyone have experience with this and treated successfully? I'm kinda figuring this guy is a goner but trying to give him a chance.
  2. One of my local fish stores finally had some Sterbaii Corydora in two weeks ago, but they were quarantined. I went back a week later and they still had them quarantined. They said they had some trouble with some and they wanted to continue watching them. A week later they had sold all but three, but a wanted three! They looked pretty good in the tank. I spoke with the employee helping me about them being in quarantine for two weeks. I asked if they lost a lot of them or if they sold them. He said they sold them. When I got them home one of the little guys looks a little rough. I don’t remember any of them looking like this in the tank, but he did have a hard time catching one of them. I’ve included a picture. Since they had been in QT at the store for so long I was just going to watch them and see how they did. But now I am considering a round of Paracleanse. What do you all think? I have an established QT tank that they were only added to last night, but here are the parameters. pH 8 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Hardness Unknown, but hard. Temperature 76
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