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Found 9 results

  1. I tried to get a picture of him, but he must have known I was going to because now I can't seem to find where he hid off too. I know its a fungus, it looks like the type of white fungus logs get when you first put them in the water. Now, I made the mistake of buying blue bolts and a few other shrimp from PetCo about a week ago. I noticed one of the amanos at Petco had a green algae in her pleopods. (later looked it up and found it was bad... I didn't buy this Amano btw) I had a few deaths in the tanks I placed them in. I have learned my Petco lesson.... now... what does my tank and bamboo shrimp have and how do I go about curing it? Please tell me what I can do and buy to place in my tanks. Much appreciated!
  2. Almw104

    Parasite ID??

    What are these in my tank?https://youtube.com/shorts/qETDTtZqGX0?feature=share They are green like algae and move similar to worms but seemingly do not have tentacles like hydra. I've dealt with hydra before (many months ago) and have medicated my water with de wormer just incase. I've noticed my tank water has had a slight yellow/green tint no matter how many water changes (also reduced feedings) I've done over the past month. Only residents are a betta and some ramshorn snails and they seem to be doing ok. I did get some new plants and forgot to quarantine them which could be the source of the critters. When I had hydra previously, I initially thought it was just an algae bloom so could these be the beginning of another hydra outbreak or are they something else? I never seen anything like this before and I'm afraid to manually clean the glass if they are hydra. Anyone know what this is?? Any tips very much appreciated!
  3. Doing a fishless cycle on a new tank plants are from my own tank except the floaters. Substrate is eco complete. Has been up for about 2 weeks and today I noticed white bugs everywhere on the glass, they're tiny. Also some fuz looking stuff on the floaters. Never had this. Did toss in some freeze dried daphnia a week ago but don't see that being related. Thanks
  4. Found these little white things on the front glass of my aquarium today. The appear to pulse or contract every once in a while or sway with the current. Not sure if I should be concerned.
  5. any ideas? i noticed it 4 days ago, it seems very fagile but annyingly still there.. thanks in advancenoyingly present
  6. vividjs24


    I believe that I have vorticella in my 5 gallon Neocaridina tank. I have noticed it only on the plants and not the animals, so I have removed as many floating plants, etc. where I could see it. Since discovering it, I have also taken out the 3 snails that were in there. In researching, I decided to go with API's Pimafix for one week, and thus also added an extra sponge filter for aeration. The current inhabitants are 9 shrimp and 4 zebra danio fry. Have you had any luck with eradicating vorticella? My guess is that it came in on one of the shrimp (one recently died), as I do weekly 25% water changes, so I don't think this is from a dirty tank. Any advice is appreciated, however, I am not willing to treat with something that can potentially kill the shrimp.
  7. what is the best way to get rid of white hair algae iv tryed everything ?
  8. I noticed something white on some of my new plants today. whenever I disturb it, it seems to retract to the plant and then come back out. I got some video with a microscope. Any ideas? Is this something I should be worried about. It is in a invert only tank with shrimp and snails. Dwarf hair grass growth - YouTube
  9. Hi Guys, Unfortunately, my first post on this forum is a troubleshooting post. I'm having issues with what I believe is Vorticella on my plants in a tank I set up on Friday.. First I thought it was white water mold, which it still might be. Wondering if anyone else has experience this and what methods have you taken to get rid of it. I know for a FACT that it's not biofilm or hydra. Tank: 7 Gallon Cube 11.8 X 11.8 X 11.8 (Using filter media and sponge from an old tank) Water Parameters: 0.25 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 6.8 Ph
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