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Found 3 results

  1. Happy to be amongst like minded!
  2. Hi everyone Beginner hobbyist here in Vancouver Canada. Started with a 10/33 gallon long long time ago but during covid inching to start up the hobby again. Started with some mutt guppies in the 10 gallon to speed the cycle and eventually scored a deal on fb marketplace for a huge tank. currently breeding blue ram, dumbo platium guppies, platy/swordtail to fill up my 280 gallon community tank. Trying to find new black substrate for the price is impossible at the moment (~$50 a bag of eco complete).
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm brand new to the hobby, decided to get a tank partially because I thought it would be good for my toddler, and partly because I wanted some life in the house! We live in a strictly no pet building, but pretty sure I can get away with fish 🙂 . The irony is that the toddler barely cares (so far), and I am becoming obsessed. Got a 12 gallon tank and a bunch of plants about a month ago and just added five neon tetras a few days ago. I am absolutely loving it and looking forward to adding some more friends. I've been watching a lot of Aquarium Co-op youtube videos (thanks Cory!) and am still unsure about what the best would be for my tank. I'm thinking a female betta because I like the idea of a fish with some personality, and I think the toddler would like that too. If anyone has advice on what kind of bottom feeders are best, and how many I can feasibly (and ethically!) put in I would very much appreciate it. Happy to be learning from all of you, especially in what seems to be such a respectful and open forum. Cheers!
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