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  1. With the summer holidays here everyones going away on vacation and leaving their fish behind. I just came back camping from monday morning to this evening (thursday). I wanted to share how I sucessfully prepared for my fish to stay alone for the few days when I was gone. The day before I left I did a waterchange on all my aquariums. Making sure there wasn't any dead plant matter, a dead snail or anything that would cause amonia. After the waterchange I didn't do any feedings. During my trip my fish were left alone. Nobody came to feed them, they were left alone. All of the lights were on timers so they still had the light turning on for the plants. If your trip is just a few days, your fish will be fine without any food. However when I start preparing for my two week trip in August I will have someone come and feed my fish. I often don't like a petsitter to come and look after my fish as I have bad experiance with that and also heard of many bad stories. To prevent overfeeding when this pet sitter comes I simply lay out plastic shot glasses (I got mine from the dollar store. But I embedded a link from amazon so you know what I mean) and put enough food for one feeding into each glass. I tell the sitter "one shot glass = one feeding". I often have them feed the fish every other day, this will help prevent any amonia or nitrites to build up. I often have the pet sitter feed one kind of food. By this I mean I wont have each day be a different food. Having the same flake food every day makes it easier on the fish sitter. The easier it is the less of the chance of them screwing up. Remember the point is to make it easier on the petsitter. If you do have a petsitter always stay within regular contact with them. Ask them how things are going, and remind them that your just a text/ phone call away. This way if something minor happeneds you can catch it with the help of the petsitter before it become a major problem that needs your presence. A tip I always like to reccemend is to have this pet sitter be a fellow fish keeper. This makes it easier on everyone. This way if something goes wrong the fishkeeper looking after your fish will know exactly what to do. You may even be able to ask them to do a waterchange and they could do it sucessfully. All though I understand this isn't an option for everyone but its an option to consider if you have a fish keeping freind who is local to you.
  2. Hello West Coast Forum friends!! I need some help...my husband and I are going on an adventure up your side of the nation this summer! We're starting in San Francisco and then renting a car to drive up the coast through Napa and then Eureka and then Mt. Shasta and then Crater Lake and then Willamette and then either Salem or Eugene and then Portland! Phew! Any suggestions of things to do or see? Borderline sad we won't make it to Edmonds, WA OR the "10 Things I Hate About You" House...but surely there are plenty of fun things to do despite those setbacks! 😜
  3. One of my corys has a fungus issue that they've had before. I treat it with Tetra Fungus Guard and it always works. However, I just noticed it last night (Monday) and am leaving for vacation on Friday. Typically I do two treatments. I put in the three tablets (29 gallon tank), then do a water change two days later. I then start the second treatment and do a water change two days after that. I can do the one treatment and then water change on Thursday. My question is if I do the second treatment and leave it till I come back would the fish be okay? I have someone that will feed them, but I don't know if I can ask them to treat and do a water change. Anyone have an idea or think the fish would be okay with the treatment remaining in the water till I get back. I'll be gone 9 days.
  4. I have few species of fish in 4 aquariums 1 honey gourami, 10 green neon tetra, 10 chili rasbora, 7 false julii cory, 3 clown killifish, neocaradina shrimps and nerita snails. I feed my fish twice per day. I used to feed them flake food, micro pellets, bug bites, freeze dried food and frozen food. They would eat everything. Then I imported (because not available in Canada) some of the x-treme food - they don’t eat (they spit it out) I bought cyclops, mysis and other type of frozen food - none are eaten except for daphnia, bbs and bloodworms. I am raising clown killifish fry so I started hatching live baby brine shrimps. I figured I would give some to my other fishes for their 2nd meal... and now they won’t eat anything except live/froze baby brine shrimp or frozen blood worm/daphnia (aside from the corydoras, the otocinclus and the shrimps) My problem is that I am leaving for a week or 2 and was hoping to use an auto-feeder... Will they eventually eat the food distributed once hungry enough?! I plan to mix different food in the feeders.
  5. We went to the Santa Fe area to see the ancestral Puebloan sites but I kept thinking about aquariums! I found some wild Cholla wood, some aquascaping wood, a VERY old fish, and discovered that New Mexicans love Easy Green as much as we do!
  6. So, I did a big water change on Sunday, and then left town for a week. I realized today that I'm pretty sure I left my heaters unplugged after the water change. I won't be back until Sunday. Any major concerns with leaving hatchetfish, pencilfish, Bolivian Rams, and sterbai cories unheated for a week? I think they'll be around 70 to 72F without the heaters. I normally keep them around 76.
  7. My family is planning our vacation for this summer, and we would have to leave home for about 2 weeks. I was wondering if this is too long to leave my fish?? I would get automatic feeders but the water wouldn't be changed while we are gone. I have two 5 gallons betta tanks and one 20 gallon I am still stocking. I'm kind of worried because smaller tanks get dirty quicker than bigger tanks. Although I tried testing how much nitrate one of my betta tanks produces per week, and it went from 5 ppm nitrate to between 5 and 10 ppm, which isn't that much (I think). So do you guys think I can leave my fish tanks for this long? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys. So, my mom is getting a full knee replacement this summer, and I have to fly up to help out. I was thinking being up there for 10 days. Would my fish make it that long? I'm not entirely sure I trust anyone to feed them.
  9. So, we're on vacation. First one in a L O N G time. Some snaps at the beach below. It's a bit cold, but a wonderful time for birding! Back at home, we've left our fish in the care of one of the 5th graders whose classroom we've set up the 33 gal long breeding for profit tank in (see photo below). We made a chart showing all of our tanks in the basement, and walked through how to feed everything. She'll come by once a day with her family to feed the ca. 17 tanks. We prepared pill-containers with food for each tank. This girl could not be more excited! Which is a point worth seriously considering: It is important to pass on a love for this hobby. I am guessing that this 5th grader is going to know far more about fish keeping after watching 26 species of freshwater fish feed for two full weeks than most kids ever learn. It's fun to take a break, leave the fish in someone else's care, and get outta dodge city. But even more delightful to share the aquarist hobby while away!
  10. I have a 10g planted tank. I dose Easy Green- Potassium combo 3x / week, and Easy Iron 2x per week Will my tank be ok if I don't dose for a whole week? I don't have a tank sitter available, so I'll have an auto feeder on for the fish.
  11. I'm preparing to leave my betta alone for about 4 to 5 days. I've heard that's fine to go that long without food. But I have some questions... 1) the room he's in is relatively dark even in the day time. Not enough natural light. Should I put a timer on the tank light? I've read they like the dark anyway much like their natural habitat. But I wasn't so sure... 2) he's a very active fish. Any time I enter the room, he comes to the front. I'm actually worried he'll get depressed (stressed) if he doesn't see someone for that long. Am I worrying too much? 3) should my last feeding be more than usual or the usual? 4) any other things I should make sure to do? I'll be changing his water and gravel vac a few days before.
  12. If you're not going to be home to feed and maintain your aquarium (or fish room), what do you consider to make sure things will be okay while you're gone? What equipment do you use that makes you feel confident that a week away will not result in a mess (or dead fish) when you get home?
  13. My state has finally allowed (nominally) young, (nominally) healthy individuals like myself register for a vaccine and I'm already planning summer and autumn vacations like no one's business. I get that fish can easily go without food for a night and a day. But two nights? More? Should I have friends and family come over to feed a couple times if I'm gone for 9 nights? Or should I try to learn how to make Repashy jerky? What would you do with ever-hungry livebearers?
  14. I will be leaving in a bit to go on a extended training event with the Army which will keep me away from my aquarium for close to a month. Any advice on how to optimize my tank to help it survive during this time? Check out the following link to view my current tank set up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aCwiEdqcFlW23sdzcCUF6VZ5TXpv9K2e/view?usp=sharing
  15. I returned home yesterday from a 4 day vacation to find one of my female bettas had dropsy. She is 1 of 4 in a sorority. They have all been raised together since they were babies and there is little tank aggression minus a few occasional tail nips. Other than that, water parameters are very stable with nitrates never going over 20. I observed stringy poop that started last night, but still hadn’t passed in the morning. Over the course of today she acted more and more lethargic until I finally realized she was pineconing, and her head/mouth seemed kind of deformed. I pulled her out of the tank for now. my questions are: should I go ahead and pull the plug? She looks bad to me, and if not, how should I attempt to treat this? should I be concerned about the other bettas in the tank? None of them are bloated and they are swimming around the tank normally. What else should I be considering as a cause for this? I know it could be a million things, but maybe there is someone on this forum that has had a similar experience. Thanks!
  16. What is everyone’s thoughts on foods like these?
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