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Found 12 results

  1. I had a bad algae bloom problem and with research decided to use a UV sterilizer (submersible). It worked and the tank is now clear. But this device is quite large and hogs up a lot of space in the tank. I have a 36G Freshwater with a Tidal 55 HOB. I have seen online posts of folks adding a UV light to their HOB's - but am not able to figure out the mechanics of it. There isnt any space in the HOB to add it - and also wouldn't that affect by good bacteria ? Looking for suggestions in case anyone has tried it especially with a Tidal 55 HOB.
  2. Regarding the UV STERILIZER, can you use it periodically as a preventative, or only when you suspect or see a problem. What does it do to the fish that are established living in the tank? Someone posted there's a chemical alternative that does the same thing. Would this be less invasive for the fish? Is there a chart as to what size or wattage one needs?
  3. How many of you fine fish folks run a inline UV light? What brand do you use?
  4. UV lights and algae. We got a bad case if spore algae and the water turned green. Thanks to the helpful videos from Aquarium CO OP we figured out the cause. (Plants and fertilizer came from Aquarium CO OP). We eliminated the algae spores with a UV light filter. The question is, now that the algae is gone do we need to run the UV light in the filter all the time. It has the ability to operate as a power head with out the light on. My concern is I do not want to impact other aspects of destroying beneficial bacteria etc. I was thinking operating the UV light 24 hours every week if needed. What say you?
  5. I’m back again!!! This tank I swear!! Lol. Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct forum. 😬 Ok, so I was having a ton of trouble when I switched my substrate to all purpose sand. Weird fuzzy stuff growing, horrible hair algae and then green water so thick you couldn’t see anything.the algae was so bad it ruined my decorations. L So I scooped all of that out and replaced it with fluval stratum, I also bought a UV filter since my four nerite snails are not keeping up with the algae like my two mystery snails did. Well....the UV filter is supposed to just clip onto my hang on back, however it is the exact same size and the spot it is supposed to snuggle into and so it will not attach. I don’t have a lot of money and would really like to make this work. Has anyone managed to rig their UV filters to work for their tanks? Thanks in advanced!!!
  6. Over the past couple of years I’ve lost several Corydora to a bacterial infection. I’ve treated the tank with Maracyn, I’ve varied their diet (and added Vitachem), and I am running a UV sterilizer ever now and then. I’ve recently had several Mollies show symptoms of swim bladder issues, and I’m back to researching what I can do to protect my tank’s inhabitants. I do water changes weekly, typically 20% to reduce nitrates. The tank is heavily stocked and heavily planted so I change the water to reduce nitrates and allow me to fertilize with Easy Green (although I am thinking it may be time to go the Flourish route of dosing to meet my tank’s needs). All of that to ask, for those who use their UV sterilizers to help with disease, how often do you run your UV lights when you don’t see problems in the tank?
  7. I've been wanting to add a uv sterilizer to my setup and have read that people had problems with them killing there invertebrate. Is there any reason to worry?
  8. So I was looking into up grading my filter on my 55 and this one caught my eye does anyone have it or know about any flaws
  9. I've read Braids' discussion in the topic Whole House Nitrate Filter on order! GULP! I'm still wondering if there is a benefit to installing a UV disinf. unit to keep things healthy or, as one contributer alluded, is it overkill? I have a 40 gal. fresh water tank and use our well water. The well is over 100' deep and we've been drinking from it for over 20 years. We are surrounded by a small patch of woods and beyond those are crop fields. I think there's a lot of filtration from tree roots and the soil's high lime content in central NY?? Anyhow, before finding Aquarium Co-op, I thought I could just buy live plants, plop them into the tank media and they'd grow just fine. They were dead within a few months. I've since learned they need fertilizing beyond just fish droppings. So I'd like to try live plants but feeding them this time. I've also experienced my two oldest neons getting Neon Tetra Disease so when I saw that commercial fish stores use UV disinfecting units, I wondered if that would be a good catch-all for my tank. Any thoughts on this? Thanks so much, Fellow Fish Peeps!! 🐡🐟 🐠
  10. Hey everyone, So I recently had Camallanus redworm nearly wipe out my tank. All of the fish are now in QT and being treated with expel-P. I have done some research on Camallanus life cycle and it seems that it needs a intermediate host (Cyclops, copepods, etc) to infect fish. I have been trying to find info about the viability of using UV sterilizers to either directly kill Camallanus larvae ,which are free swimming until they infect the intermediate host, or kill any intermediate hosts that my be living in the tank. This would defiantly not do any good for my fish that are already infected but I am trying to prevent another outbreak after treating my sick fish. If anyone has found any info that might help me I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Is there any benefits or disadvantages in running an UV sterilizer in a planted tank? How bout the fish? will it cause any issue with the fishes? Should it be running 24/7? or with a time duration per day? Thanks
  12. I've been doing battle with high nitrates for years now. It was a long while before I tested my source [well] water and realized it wasn't a tank issue, but a source water issue. I was seeing 160ppm straight out of the tap. Had it verified by my County Ag Dept because I thought maybe I was doing my testing wrong. They said my water is essentially 10% Nitrates (likely from agricultural run-off). We drink a ton of water here, obviously bath in it, cook, etc. So I knew we had to do something about it. I thought RO was the only option. Then I happened upon nitrate filters! You can indeed get under the sink nitrate filters, but you have to replace filters every few months*. We wanted to cover all of our needs. So we decided to go with the whole house filter. *The nitrate filter resin must be changed an estimated every 3-5 years at the cost of about $700. The place I ordered from even has a portable system that is geared for serving livestock. Which made me think of people that have set ups in rental units. They also have off-grid systems! I'm eyeing up the inline UV filter as my next upgrade - which would be beneficial to people and fishes. By the new year we will hopefully be done with nitrate saturated water and the fish and plants will be happy! There are some plants that are not happy with my excessive nitrates. Anyone have experience with a whole house (or industrial application) UV filter? Below are reasons for using it... Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses such as: Coliform Bacteria Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice) Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever) Bacteriophage (E. coli) Hepatitis Virus Chlorella Vulgaris Influenza Virus Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease) UV Disinfection is suitable for Industrial & Commercial Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock, Irrigation Water Food & Beverage Industry Beer Breweries, Wineries Drinking Water Ice Companies Well Water Aquaculture Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels
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