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Found 6 results

  1. I found my lovely little hillstream loach who I was discussing on the forum just yesterday dead today and I don't know why. There are no obvious signs of injury or infection externally and didn't look like it had a sunken belly or anything. I can see what looks like internal bleeding inside him but doesn't that happen after death? If not what could have caused it? He has also lost a lot of colour and looked washed out but again that happens when a fish dies anyway right? I can post pics if anyone thinks it might help. He seemed fine just yesterday, munching on algae and repashy soilent green and quite active etc. Unfortunately I won't be able to check parameters until tomorrow morning but all other fishes seem fine. Temperature has been about 76-78F since he went in 10 days ago which is a little warm but I didn't think overly so. I know they like lots of oxygen but I have two air stones plus an internal power filter with its outflow above the water line so thought that would be enough? I did do some maintenance with around 20% water change recently but that must have been a good 48 hours before time of death. He/she was the only hillstream loach in the tank so I have no idea if I should get a new one, obviously I want to but not if it's just likely to die as well. I've had a couple fish deaths before but they were one out of a group of the same fish and as the others were fine I decided it was ok to replace them but as it was the only one I'm not so sure. What would you guys do?
  2. Female guppies getting thin and dying. Males in the same tank with shrimp and snails are perfectly healthy. They eat fine but seemingly waste away. I treated for parasites but still lost 5 so far. 2 gave miscarages before dying. I have owned guppies a long time and have no idea what i am seeing here. No other recorded losses. Shrimp are even reproducing. Water parameters are on point. Hardness is middle range on the softer side. Kind of stumped here.
  3. Need help! Everything was great in my discus tank until this morning. Most of the discus are clamping their dorsal fin, colour is dark and they are slightly tipped on an angle. A couple are hiding inside a flower pot thats in the tank. Water parameters are good. I did my standard 50% water change yesterday morning, same as I always do. WC done twice a week, same as I’ve always done. i have a sponge filter going, along with an air stone. I have a canister filter on the tank as well, and when I saw the fish this morning, I added a hang on filter as well. I think I added to much Prime yesterday, could that be the problem? Any suggestions? Thanks, George
  4. Hello all. I have a bit of a problem. Today I did about a 20-30% water change on my five gallon tank with 4 guppies and 4 pygmy corydoras in it. It's a temporary set up for a 20 gallon long. Before the water change, all of my fish were very happy and active as always. Within five minutes of the water change the guppies have started swimming extremely slowly, but the cories were in bothered. I don't know what exactly happened, but about an hour has passed. The guppies are still huddled in the corner of the tank and hardly moving and I found one of my poor baby cories dead! I don't know what I did wrong. The tank is about 3 months old, fully cycled. It has 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and typically 5 nitrate. The temperature stays at around 78 degrees. The pH is a solid 7. I'm new to the hobby and I don't know what on earth I did wrong. The tank gets weekly water changes. My only thought is something went wrong with the tap water or the bucket I used. (which was only ever meant for fish water)
  5. Hi fellow fish keepers! Been a rough week here in my fish room. Learning many lessons as I’m new to the hobby. I lost my betta yesterday, it was a young fish, but stopped eating and within three days was dead. 😩. I had a small ammonia spike, I think because of the food it wasn’t eating. It had no outward signs of illness. PH 7-7.5, nitrates 20, moderate hardness. Temp 80 deg F. I am treating another tank for internal parasites (I stressed the fish out moving them) so I do wonder about that, and could I have cross contaminated them. My question is, the tank is nicely cycled, I’d like to put another creature in there (it’s a 5 gallon). How long should I wait, and do I need to treat the water with anything? Confidence is shaken, but I think I need to try again. appreciate your advice!!
  6. So all day today things were good. I go to feed them dinner and I find one of my Panda’s is half eaten. I have no idea who ate him or what happened! It is my 10 gallon. 1 male betta 2 (now 1) Pandas 4 Amano shrimp I am so sad! I used to have 5 pandas but 3 of them died late July/August due to high nitrates. I’m so sad.
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