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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I started noticing the scales on the side of one of my Bala Sharks start raising about a week ago. Thought maybe he got in a bit of a tussle with another fish and suffered a wound. However, it has now grown into this mess on his side. I’ve started a treatment of Melafix for a bacterial infection but I’m unsure if I see results yet. Any ideas as to what this is/what I can do to heal it? He’s acting normal and eating, but now has this on his side. Water Parameters: PH: ~7 Nitrates: ~15 Hardness:~11 Nitrites: ~.25 Ammonia: 0 (just did 50% water change, did not check before doing weekly 50% change) Water Temp: 79 Degrees Any help is appreciated, Jon
  2. Hello all, I finally after many months of work got my planted community tank established. So I bought a school of neon tetras, I noticed one yesterday is missing his lower lip. He just has a hole where his mouth should be. I have an old 6.5 gal tank that I’ve turned into a hospital tank. I put 2 tablespoons of salt and placed him in there. So I was wondering, will he heal from this? Or should I just cut my losses and euthanize him?
  3. Hello there! I recently started watching and looking at fish to help with overall life issues and just something I wanted to put my focus on with everything that has gone down this year. So I decided to start small. I got myself a single gold fish, in a 40L (8.8ish galleon) tank. After about a month, I noticed I had a spike in Ammonia. Realized that my substrate was FAR too thick. No matter how much gravelling I did, it wasn't doing enough cleaning. I only realised this when I noticed my fish started acting strange. So after watching all the videos. I did a full clean. Put about 30% of the fish water in a separate container. Fully scrubbed the entire fish tank. Started fresh. Low amount of substrate, fresh water changes weekly (Ammonia returned to clear again). Then I noticed a white patch on my fish. So like the novice I am, I went to the fish store, and just bought all the meds surrounding "fungal", and other things like "EasyBalance" & "NitrateMinus" (both by Tetra) - side note, I already used a dechlorinator and waited a week before adding the goldfish. I started using them all to hopefully mitigate what was going on. I have a filter which uses carbon, so during this, I turned off the filter and left a air stone running to help with water circulation and just overall additional oxygen. However then the white patch opened up. So I thought ok, somethings obviously more serious here. So I started doing every 5 days a 50% water change. Using a medicine called "Melafix" by API Fish Care. I'm started to get worried that what I am currently doing will eventually lead to it's death. Even if its a small goldfish and most who I've talked to said it's not worth the cost... Is not what I am looking for. I want to save it's life at whatever cost. So any help would be much appreciated. It might be a super common thing that I'm just not searching for the right terms or something. - Oliver Image link, sorry it's not a full side on view, I was told it was best to give it a place to hide and rest whilst in the medical stage, and didn't want to disturb it for a photo!
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