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  1. So here is a brief account of what I did, when, and where. In the conservatory with the wrench... I live in Colorado Springs and one of my first fish acquisitions, before I fell down the "nerm hole", was 6 common/comet goldfish. I quickly realized they would need more space and I had been planning on making a small pond so this project commenced as Pond #2 (it was the second "pond" test). I purchased a 70 gal HDX storage tote and buried it half (or more) into the ground. I wrapped the unburied portion in emergency thermal blanket then filled in dirt around that. In the springs we get a lot of sun and melt off, the ground also doesn't freeze for too long or deep (relative to other areas). The thought was to use the ground to help trap thermal energy and the foil around the upper portion to potentially reflect any escaping heat (at that level) back into the water. I placed a smaller tote inside of it and used a power head to pump water into the bottom, through a bulkhead, and out the top through holes. I first constructed it in the fall and the gold fish spent their winter inside. The first winter top was a piece of double sided greenhouse placed upon it. At our coldest, around January or February, I found it was considerably frozen through on top but I was fairly certain it had not frozen completely. The goldfish were transported into the "pond" in the spring and when fall hit I constructed my second top using PVC and clear shower curtains. The A-frame structure was "double walled" in the hops that an air buffer would help better insulate. The top became covered in snow (hence the A-frame design) but I didn't get any ice until late January or early February. The Ice was quite thin and when I put in a pond de-icer (the smallest one I could find which was still relatively large) it actually warmed the water slightly and de-iced the entire surface. (better photo to follow) In the end I only had the de-icer in for a few weeks and the goldfish seem quite content. I am planning on building a larger pond this summer, using pond material, and will likely be recreating a similar (albeit nicer) top for the next winter. Hopefully this helps those in similar climates or helps to spark your imaginations. PS. The piece of wood in the corner is incase any critters fall in and need a place to crawl out.
  2. So with tubbing season starting I'm looking for new containers for fish and took a look tractor supply store for new tubs and I see they have RUBBER feed pans not plastic and I'm wondering how fish safe these rubber pans are? If anyone has any experience or knowledge please share. Thank you.
  3. Hey all! Hope your all safe, well and having fishy mad fun! I wanted to get all your advice from anyone with a bit of experience on pseudomugils I was looking to start breeding some luminatus. Anyone have any tips and tricks? What about outdoor pond and colony breeding? Tips for pond size, care, plants? If it helps I'm in Australia NSW and it's just starting to hit our summer tubbing season and I want to get my real first tubs going and would love it to be Australian and New Guinea fish! And while your at it name your favourite rainbow/pseudomugil fish! Or Aussie native! Cheers and thank you my fellow Nerms!
  4. Later this month I will likely be moving fish from my two 110g tubs to one tank in my house and another in the garage. The Garage is fairly cool in the winter probably ranging from 55 to 70. That's probably 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the outside tubs would be. I'm trying to decide which fish can go in the garage and which need to be inside. Here is what I have out in the tubs: Leopard danios Pearl Danios Endlers Guppies Swordtails White Cloud Minnows Daisy's Ricefish I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with these outside of optimal aquarium temperatures. Do you think any of these could survive in the 55 to 70 degree temps of my garage. I'm pretty sure the White Cloud Minnows can but I'm not sure about the rest which I've heard don't typically like the warm 77 to 80 degrees of most tanks. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
  5. I previously had a tub setup for overflow of shrimp culls as well as a place to put extra moss I had been tearing out of shrimp tanks. Since I've torn down the tub and it's out of the fish room and I was alerted to a new tenant that has decided to move in, a sub adult American Bullfrog. Honestly wouldn't have noticed it if my cats hadn't been sitting on the kitchen counter constantly staring out the window. Normally, since I do my best to keep them from counter surfing, and they have been pretty good about it, it was odd to see them making an effort to get back up to stare out the window. Per trying to see what the fuss was about, they seemed to have spotted the Bullfrog on the deck where the tub had been collecting rain. I'm used to seeing Gray's Treefrogs showing up in the spring and summer months, but a Bullfrog is new since the closest body of water is over a few miles away. Years ago I remember my Dad having an issue with one eating his goldfish babies and it hit me... I'm planning on tubbing next spring, am I just letting a new predator move in? Has anyone had an issue with Bullfrogs eating their tub stock? If so I'll have to capture and relocate this guy.
  6. Hey All, I wanted to give anyone who's got a little bit of space (like a basement or fish room) who is limited on as much space or budget a good alternative to the large (apple?) totes cory uses in his fish room. Home Depot sells HDX totes (with the yellow lids) and I have tried many of them and wanted to share that specifically the 27 gallon, no other size! is perfect for that. They hold their shape in both heavy heat and sun and cold temps, as well as in your basement. I took a photo of one that I am raising baby goldfish fry in (fill time 24 months) as well as one I just emptied that was outside since April in this insane heat with fish. (and previously filled for 18 months in the basement) I have a bunch of them all over and I am going to line them up nice against each other like Cory does in his fish room cause I always liked the look and this way I can use 1 air pump and sponge filters for all of them as well as one strip light. These would be great for livebearers or shrimp or anything else you would fit in your typically 30g. The 27 gallon (102 liter) is only 9.98 US dollars at home depot (at least in my area) and is made with fish safe plastic. The Dimensions are 28.6 in, 19.6 in 15in H or 72.6 cm AN(W) 49.7 cm LA(L) 38.1 cm AL(H) for our international fish keepers Warning: The 55 gallon seems like a great deal, but it bows out significantly and cannot be secured with a basic center brace, it requires more technical skill to secure in place. the 38 bows out but can be secured with a basic center brace. I only recommend the 27g
  7. Anybody have ponds with soil at the bottom? Most of my aquariums have been dirted, and the results have been very positive. Now I'm wondering if I can get similar results from doing this in a pond. The size will be 300 gallons (Its a big Rubbermaid stock tank). I'm considering if burying is something I want to do. I know it would make Temps more stable, but I also know what a pain it is to move a buried container. Anyone ever try a dirted pond?
  8. Like a few other folks, we lost fish with the crazy climate the last few weeks. Starting with three guppy tubs, we lost all in one, and many adults in the other two. Being sulky... I just left off feeding, and have not looked much into them til today. In the Firecracker Guppy tub, I found a thriving batch of young. Many appear to be female — though they’re probably too young to properly sex. Then I checked out the “mutt guppy” tub. I caught a few meh-looking males, but found no females. So... I decided to boost genetics in both by moving out a bunch of Firecracker Guppies from our downstairs little colony. I tried to be clever and catch them barehanded while holding the phone. Nope. Nets are genius, it turns out... I’m adding them to both tubs. The Mutts can blast genetics out any which way - I find it fun to see by the end of the summer. Of course, the rest go to the FCG tub. Hoping to get some great options for selective breeding by September.
  9. Have about 20-30 White Clouds in an outdoor pond. The Water temp varies between 55-60, prob warmer when it heats up. Have had them out there for a month or two and no eggs or fry seen. I have seen maybe 10 die but not sure why. Have some Java Moss, hornwort, frogbit and water lettuce. Any suggestions to induce spawning.
  10. Hello everyone, I’m pretty sure he has said this on a livestream, but I forgot the brand. Thank you, Manny
  11. Am already planning some tubbing/stocking ideas for next year. Was wondering if anyone ever used the Rubbermaid stocking tanks over the winter months? Not sure how well the polyethylene would truly hold up to sub-freezing temps, etc.
  12. Hey all, I’ve gotten addicted to breeding fish outside, so far I’ve only kept Bettas, endlers, ricefish, panda Corys and CPDs outside but would love to keep fish outside year round without using heaters, the coldest month of the year where I live is December with average highs being 68 f and lows being 44 f, does anyone have experience with species that would do well, I’m mostly interested in nano fish or fish that can live comfortably in 20 gallons. I’ve thought about experimenting with Hara Jerdoni, green Kubotai rasbora, glow light danio, clown killi, Dwarf rainbows and continuing to keep the CPDs and ricefish outside. I have several 20 gallon tubs, three 40 gallon and one 150 gallon. Thank you for any suggestions, Jerry
  13. Has any one tried panting the Rubbermaid stock tanks? My wife wants to paint the outside green. Any successes or failures would be welcome.
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