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Found 3 results

  1. Mandy411

    Fish TB?

    I got some medaka rice fish last year, and noticed one had a mildly crooked spine and one a more severely crooked spine. I'm fairly new to fish keeping and thought it was a deformity maybe from inbreeding. I drove an hour and a half to pick them up I didnt want to bother returning them so never contacted the store. The fish that was more severely affected wasted away and died last month. Now the other fish is swelling in her dorsal region, so instead of tapering to the tail she is the same width almost all the way down her body. Could this be dropsy? And more importantly, is it likely from fish TB? Sorry, these were the best pics I could get.
  2. I am hoping y’all may be able to help me with a few questions. I was in the process of a complete redo of my 29 gallon freshwater aquarium. I removed my endler colony, my amano shrimp, and my nerite snails and they are all living in a couple smaller well cycled aquariums. They had been in these tanks for weeks and doing ok. I placed a large order of substrate, live plants and rocks and when they came I spent half a day redoing my 29 gallon. I replaced my entire tank substrate with new but I have reused rocks, plants, and filter medium in my filter. A few days after my complete redo some fish who had been looking a little thin began to die. I think my endlers have fish TB or a mycobacterium infection. One by one they are getting thin, pale, listless, weak, swimming strangely and dying. This wasting illness has happened infrequently in the past year, just one here and there and I'd always assumed they were just getting old and dying. I can now see many of my fish now are exhibiting the same symptoms and I have come to accept the terrible reality that I probably need to euthanize the lot of them and sterilize everything. I spent a lot of time looking up information about mycobacterium and in retrospect it is probable that my fish had this for a while and the stress of the new tanks (or that massive freeze a month ago here in TX) probably brought it to the surface. I included a pic of one of my endlers wasting away so you can see what I am talking about. This is what they look like when they are a few days to a week away from death. Here are my questions: 1. If I have a mycobacterium infection in the tanks where they live now, do I have to throw away all the rocks, plants, substrate and fully sanitize all the equipment in my 29 gallon tank? That is where my fish lived prior to their current tanks but no creature lived in there since a week prior to my big renovation and no creature lives in it now. Is this tank fully infected too? 2. Do I need to euthanize my nerite snails and amano shrimps also? It is entirely probable they have predated upon the bodies of the dead endlers. 3. Is it possible to run the 29 gallon tank with a UV sterilizer for a few months or a year and have that take care of any possible lingering mycobacterium infection? Will the bacteria persist in the environment without a host? This article gave me a little bit of hope, I don't know if that hope is well founded. https://www.tfhmagazine.com/articles/freshwater/mycobacteriosis-the-stealth-disease213231 4. Is there any way I can save any animals or plants or is everything going to have to die? 5. I read that clove oil is the most humane way to euthanize aquatic creatures, is that true? I have this fantasy that perhaps I can save the plants, my amano shrimp and nerite snails by running my newly re-aquascaped 29 gallon tank with a UV sterilizer and no fish for a year and eventually reintroduce fish. That's probably a fantasy, right? Most everything I read about mycobacterium is pretty dire. Thank you so very much for any time or attention you can give this matter. I am just trying to see who/what I can save in this terrible situation. I Nitrate-0 Nitrite-0 pH- 7.0 – 7.5 KH 80 GH 60
  3. Anyone dealt with Fish TB before? Im not certain I have it but very concerned and afraid I do. I have 3 fish tanks and lost over half my stock of fish from what appears to be multiple diseases. It started in my 75 gallon community tank with losing a few fish to no signs of illness or signs of anything on their body. Then it hit my Guppies by seeing them more inactive, less hungry and becoming skinny. I quarantined the sick ones I noticed right away and started Maracyn & paracleanse together. Few days later my guppy started having swimming problems like he couldn’t swim up from the bottom and got a real curved spine like he was bent. Day or two later same thing happened to another guppy and than died. So I tried other meds like Kanaplex and metroplex, did two courses and even tried with putting in their food. My guppies kept dying, one each day and other random fish like 3 serpae tetras, 2 panda loachs, rummy nose tetra, 2 German rams and a few others if you get the hint. I’ve also tried API General Cure, erythromycin, and Furan 2. It seems nothing has worked or stopped this disease. My guppies also have had worms this whole time, that hasn’t gone away either, they keep pooping out. I’ve had 12 guppies and down to 2. Lost at least over 20 fish. I’m ready to start over and try to bleach all my equipment but worried this could happen again and totally wipe me out of the hobby for good. I love this hobby and don’t know what to do??? Any help I really appreciate it.
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