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  1. Hi friends!! Because I am new to the hobby, I am not always hip to the lingo...so, I thought it would be useful to have a list of acronyms used around the forum for beginners, like me! I searched the forum to see if a post like this had already been made, but I couldn't find one...if this already exists, please let me know! I'll keep editing this first post as my knowledge grows...feel free to suggest some acronyms for my list! Equipment BDBS - Black Diamond Blasting Sand HALF - Heater, Air pump, Light and Filter HOB [filter] - Hang on Back PAR [meter] - Photosynthetically Active Radiation (meter used for measuring light intensity) RO [filter] - Reverse Osmosis (method for filtering/de-ionizing water) RO/DI [water] - de-ionized water (pure water, containing no salt ions or minerals) TDS [meter] - Total Dissolved Solids (more dissolved solids = more dissolved ions = more conductivity/TDS) UGF - Under Gravel Filter Water Statistics/Parameters NH3 - Ammonia NH4 - Ammonium (positive ion) NO2 - Nitrite (negative ion) NO3 - Nitrate (negative ion) GH - General Hardness (measured in degrees - or, dGH - amount of calcium and/or magnesium ions a.k.a. "hardness") KH - Carbonate Hardness (measured in degrees - or, dKH - prevents sudden pH swings) pH - Power of Hydrogen (measure of acidity; scales from 0-14) PPM - Parts Per Million Flora BBA - Black Beard Algae BGA - Blue Green Algae DBF - Driftwood Bio Film (#gross) IAL - Indian Almond Leaf GDA - Green Dust Algae GHA - Green Hair Algae GSA - Green Spot Algae PSO - Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus' Fauna BB - Beneficial Bacteria BBS - Baby Brine Shrimp CAE - Chinese Algae Eater CB - Captive Bred CPD - Celestial Pearl Danios CRS - Crystal Red Shrimp GBR - German Blue Ram GSP - Green Spotted Puffer MTS - Malaysian Trumpet Snail NEO[s] - Neocaridina davidi shrimp RCS - Red Cherry Shrimp SAE - Siamese Algae Eater SAP - South American Puffer WCMM - White Cloud Mountain Minnow WC - Wild Caught Saltwater/Marine FO [tank] - Fish Only FOWLR [tank] - Fish Only With Live Rock (without intentional coral vs. a reef tank that contains coral, anemones, and other saltwater invertebrates) Other ACO - Aquarium Co-Op BAP - Breeders Award Program CARE - Community Aquarists Respect Each other CFI - CARE Forum Investigates CPS - Chain Pet Store DIY - Do It Yourself ELI5 - Explain Like I'm 5 ETA - Edited To Add FWIW - For What It's Worth HAP - Horticulture Award Program IIRC - If I Remember Correctly LFC - Local Fish Club LFS - Local Fish Store LPS - Local Pet Store MJS - Multiple Jar Syndrome (pre-industrial) MTS - Multiple Tank Syndrome ORD - Out of Reactions for the Day OTS - Old Tank Syndrome PITA - Pain In The As...terisk! 😜 PWC - Partial Water Change QT - Quarantine STT - Seasoned Tank Time SNAFU - Situation Nermal, All Fixed Up (algae and parameters under control!) TFH - Tropical Fish Hobbyist [Magazine] TIL - Today I Learned TLA - Three Letter Acronym TL/DR - Too long, didn't read (usually prefaces a quick summary of the content) W/C - Water Change WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get UMTS - Unresolved Multiple Tank Syndrome
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