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Found 2 results

  1. I've been posting my photo updates on the Facebook group, so I figured I would use the forum to do journaling. It will also be nice to have my photos centralized so I can look back on them. I currently have 5 tanks: #1 10g with ember tetras, guppies, cherry shrimp and ramshorn snails. -I recently moved over some of the colorful guppy fry from my brackish tank to act as dither fish for my shy ember tetras. -I'm working on growing out some of my ludwigia rubin cuttings for the background plants. I also sorta don't like how the melon sword doesn't go all the way to the top of the tank, so I am trying to grow some hygrophila behind it. I may just go back to suction cupping a floating plant back there. -I swapped the kedagang that was on the center rock with the black pearl that was on the right log so it is more symmetrical with the left log that also has kedagang. -I've been struggling to deal with planaria in this tank, that I think is preventing my shrimp for repopulating. I've tried expel-p a few times, and am currently finishing a dose of prazicleanse, which also doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Going to try "no planaria" next week. #2 16.9g + penn-plax trutle topper brackish paludarium with guppies, gold claw fiddler crabs, indonesian batik fiddler crabs, a red claw crab, nerite snails, amano shrimp and ghost shrimp. -These pictures are a bit dated because I didn't have a chance to take photos today. -Figuring out what plants will work in a brackish tank has been a process. Most of my anubias has rotted and died, and most of my crypts melted all the way back. Some of the crypt parva is hanging in there. Some of bolbitas fern seems to be doing well. Val, hornwort and maybe even my rubin sword and hygrophila are thriving. I'm going to try micro sword for the foreground, since it is supposedly one of the most brackish tolerant plants. "King" "Crabby" #3 29g with an angelfish, german blue rams, platies, honey gourami, ottos, kuhli loaches. -This tank is my closest to being "complete." My water sprite died off when I raised my temperature in preparation for my blue rams, so I have been working on replacing them. Currently trying a green rotala on the left and hygrophila pinnatifida on the right. Other than that, I am happy with where the tank is "Derp" (my partner painted this for me for my birthday) #4 40g breeder with a fancy goldfish, bristelnose plecos, zebra danios, swordtails, peppered corys, mystery snails, and apisto borelli. -My orange and black goldfish Jasper recently died of dropsy, which was heartbreaking, so am moving away from keeping goldfish for the foreseeable future. -I recently added a black mystery snail "chocolate chip", so now I just need a chestnut mystery snail and I will have one of every color combination. -No particular goals for this tank. I have a lot of slow growing plants, that I am curious to see how they will shape up. "Jasper" (RIP 😭) and "Ruby" "Phantom" "Chocolate Chip" #5 75g with pearl gourami, roseline sharks, siamese algae eaters, flagfish, reticulated hillstream loaches, bolivian rams, a rainbow shark, indian lilac crabs, CPO crayfish, a blue kong zebra crayfish and amano shrimp. -Recently moved the log on the right in front of the dwarf sag because it was being completely blocked. I decided to add repens in front of the log, because I saw some nice ones at my LFS. -Decided to use larger anubias species for the top of the center cave instead of the nana petite that was there. "Mortimer"
  2. Hello! I have noticed that three but especially one of my three spot gouramis are looking much bigger than usual. I've only had baby dalmatian mollies before so I am not very experienced with baby fish. Does she look pregnant to you? Thanks!
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