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Found 6 results

  1. So, had a heater break and basically cook a tank. Not the first time it's happened, but it's been years. I'm still not sure how exactly it broke, just know it was stuck on and wouldn't turn off. Second, and not the same tank, I just ended up inheriting some discus, they were a package deal when I helped someone out who was losing their house and needed to sell off all their tanks. So we bought them. And they have to be kept at a much higher temp than most of my tanks...obviously. All together, this means I need to have a better way to monitor a number of tanks. We don't breed for profit, we just like the tanks and the fish. Dining room, fish tank, living room, two tanks plus two walls o tanks behind the sliding glass doors. Bedroom, tank, office, tank, other bedroom, tank. You get the picture. This whole house is flooded with wifi signal and run several strong home automation systems. What I'm looking for is an affordable water probe that can monitor tank temps and alert me when it gets out of range. I want to set each probe to it's own range and have it alert me when it gets out of it. I want to set this on every single tank I have and program it up. Surely someone here has done something similar, I'm looking for some insight on how you've set this up. What you used and so forth. Thank y'all...
  2. Since we will be keeping mostly nanotanks, I decided to go ahead and grab a decently rated, inexpensive IR thermometer. The problem is that it's reading 5 degrees lower in one tank, and 4 in another. Both of these tanks have digital thermometers, but lets be honest I have no idea if those are accurate either. Should I get a cheaper mercury thermometer to try to get a true reading and see which might be accurate? I love the idea of the point and shoot, especially for acclimating new fish but now I don't know what to believe! 😉
  3. What is a good brand of temperature gauge for aquariums
  4. Cory, you have done an excellent job of simplifying this hobby and targeting products for the masses. Can you please develop an analog submersible thermometer with a narrow range reading!! 95% of all aquariums are targeting 78 degrees, (completely made up this stat, but you get the point!) so why must they make all the thermometers range from 30-120 degrees and make it impossible to look at it and get an accurate reading. I don’t want another digital device in my tank to read the temperature, more wires, etc. Sooo easy, I want a simple thermometer that displays approx. 70-90 degrees that you can actually read!! if this already exists, please post a link!
  5. How do you have to make the in line thermometer or does it come as unit. Iv been wondering about the thermometer for a while now and what is the blue circled thing? It looks like a pressure gauge but I'm not sure. I'm looking at making a setup like Dean's so would like to know about these things please.
  6. I'm working on setting up a fish room and was wondering if any one has suggestions on thermometers. I would like ones that can hook to wifi so that I can look at tank temps on my phone. I'm planning on around 15 tanks so looking for something pretty cheap Thanks for the help!
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