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Found 9 results

  1. I have had some success breeding spotted congo puffers but have failed at raising the fry so far. I haven't put much effort in since last spring but I'll be giving it another go. I wanted to created a place to dump all my info and photos so that it's a little more available to people searching on the web since a few people seem to be documenting it pretty well on social media but that tends to not show up in searches. I'll be add more info as I have time. Hopefully my experience can help some others out or encourage people to try. I am quite experienced aquarium keeping but most of my interest has been in plants. I am in no way an experienced fish breeder. I just collected some eggs for the first time in 6ish months yesterday that should be hatching this Friday.
  2. Sergeant Ruby is my first puffer. I got her for $50 from a local hobbyist who was breaking down his tank. She's been such a joy to have. She gets along with all her tank mates and never makes trouble. She used to have a best friend that was an American flagfish. Sadly he passed away and Ruby barely moved for a week after that. She is fed a diet of ramshorn snails, bladder snails, and a variety of live worms raised in my worm bins and cultures. Anyone else keep this cute species of freshwater puffer?
  3. Late July, I acquired a group of 4 individuals with a good idea that at least one was female and one was male. Turns out I'm fairly confident that I have two females and two males. Video of first day after hatch: https://imgur.com/gapeF6Q They begun breeding behavior within a week of being in this 75g that is stuffed well with driftwood. I completely screwed up the first batch of eggs I got. They continued to show breeding behavior and I'm sure I missed some batches of eggs but on Oct 2nd I pulled several hundred eggs from the tank, carefully sifted through the mulm pulling out viable eggs. I then placed them in the breeder box with Methylene Blue, most breeders say the eggs hatch in about 5 days, mine took 7-8 to hatch. The eggs became an amber color as the fry developed in the egg. At 5 days I WCed until all the MB was gone. Most hatched two days after that. As of today the fry are roughly 4 days old. I have lot of work a head of me but it seems like the green water culture out side that I have is plenty of food for them. Currently I am harvesting the water, running it through a baby brine shrimp sieve to pull out any undesirable or inedible stuff then feeding that. I'm also removing tank water from a VERY dirty pleco tank straining that and adding it to the green water in hopes of building up the paramecium count in the green water before adding. I've got small cyst baby brine shrimp, going to try that out this weekend and see if they are large enough for it yet. Paramecium get 400um and these BBS supposedly hatch at 450um. So assuming that the puffers are large enough to eat big paramecium they should be able to eat the smallest of bbs. Video of them eating micro organisms: https://imgur.com/gallery/7LOko3w
  4. Has anyone kept Amazon puffers with a spotted Congo puffer? Curious if they could get along. Generally speaking I know all fish can have somewhat different temperaments
  5. My puffer is breathing heavy and looks sick. Not very active and sitting on the floor of the tank. All water levels are good and a couple water changes to be safe. Nothing new added to the tank. had it for over a year. Has Anyone experienced this ??
  6. Yes, I would like to inquire about the spotted Congo puffer and if Corey successfully bred these fish or not. If there is anyone that I can contact to purchase these fish during Winter?
  7. Been looking for a spotted Congo puffer for a long time looking for advice on were to get puffer thank you for your time
  8. I’m looking for any and all advice about the spotted Congo Puffer. I’m receiving one in a few days. I want to be ready. I appreciate any advice, thanks.
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