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  1. Hey everyone, long time no post! We are kind of short-staffed at the store right now, so I've been working a lot and haven't had much free time to hang out here. As a side note, if you're interested in working at a fish store and you're near Plano, TX, let me know 😉 If you've got egg crate kicking around like I normally do, this test kit rack will probably cost you nothing. I did put some clear mylar on the bottom to keep the tubes from falling out, but you could just as easily just put another piece of egg crate offset under the bottom panel. Everything is just stuck together with super glue and I cut the egg crate with wire cutters. I'll eventually put a handle on it or something to make it easier to carry, but it's not that difficult to pick it up by the sides, either. Feel free to use, improve upon, and mix up this idea. Hopefully it helps someone out!
  2. I made a DIY aquarium test tube stand and drying rack today because I am tired of spilling my tests, breaking test tubes, and not getting my equipment to dry. The main focus of the build was to reuse as many materials on hand as possible to keep costs low (less than a $1 at this point). I used a leftover piece of PVC trim for a base, a wooden dowel for the stand, and metal closet organizer rubber end caps as the tips. I am planning to paint the dowels white and glue everything in place after I work out the kinks using it few more times. My impressions from the first few uses is that it is great and makes it so much easier to test the water. In use - its water change time: I am curious if anyone else on the forum has built something like this and has any additional tips. Also, reagent storage tips would be helpful as well. I have more bottles than something like the API master test kit bin can accept and would like to keep everything together. Thanks.
  3. Its not pretty ik😂 but it fits the theme lol, and really makes me wonder what else I could use legos for in this hobby
  4. After testing my aquariums for quite some time, I thought, “there had to be an easier way” reading the liquid color test results. When using liquid test kits, the colors are sometimes a bit hard to discern. A lot of it is attributed to the ambient lighting in the room. Some homes, mine included, don't have “ideal” lighting for reading these test tubes accurately. Was always dragging a lamp, flashlight or going to the nearest window to compare the color chart with my test. So, I specifically built this light producing fixture/enhancer for my aquarium testing. Wow, what a difference. The colors are now vivid, in person, and very easy to compare. The biggest benefit is that the light 'shines through' the tubes and really gives a true color representation. Also, for some of the 'timed' tests, I.E. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, it's interesting to watch the colors change accordingly. Basically, the parts for the unit are simple & inexpensive. Three AA batteries & holder, LED's, resistors, switch, wires, enclosure, etc. If you are into electronics, like I am, most of these spare parts are probably nearby. Am sure there are many ways of constructing the same unit. Most importantly, when dealing with liquids, one should always use low voltage applications for safety. This was my first attempt in building this color enhancer, so maybe the next one might even be better. That's another wonderful part about fish-keeping; experimenting with your own designs. 🧐 LIQUID TEST COLOR ENHANCER UNIT ** DIY ** 🥽 📊 📉 📈
  5. Was tired of dumping the liquid test tubes. So, I constructed a personalized, DIY test stand.
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