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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been using my Aquarium co-op test strip for about two weeks now and I'm loving them, but I've noticed the readings I get with them are different than the ones I get with my API test kit (not the strips, the tubes). I'm more inclined to trust the test strips than the API kit because I know how much testing goes into Aquarium Co-op products, but I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences, and what ended up happening.
  2. Fritz complete w/ water change--how long before next readings of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates reliable?
  3. A few hours after properly dosing ( based on directions) my planted tanks with Seachem Flourish, Searchem Nitrogen, (and Flourish Excel though it should be irrelevant), my API test kit indicates 0 ppm of nitrates. Should this be the case? If not, perhaps could it be a problem with the test kit?
  4. Most of the time when I test my nitrites, the first one looks like the bottom tube and the second time looks like the top tube. These tests were done literally one right after the other. I fill a beaker with aquarium water, then use a 3ml plastic dropper to fill my API test tubes. Then I shake the indicator solution, dispense 5 drops, cap and invert the tube for 5-10 seconds. Then I do it a second time. I rinse the tubes, shake them out, and let them dry until the next day. Test kit is not expired; I bought it brand new in August and just opened it in December. Why is it like this? It does this almost every time I test. I sometimes test 3 times. The latter two tests show up light blue, no trace of purple. So what’s going on? The only other test that gives me problems is the API nitrate test; it consistently reads higher than my Salifert nitrate test. If it’s relevant, the pH is 6.0 lately. I’m not sure why...I don’t have any fish in it and I do 10-50% water changes every few days. Just plants and snails. I have ADA Tropica and it was dropping my pH to 6.2-6.4 but lately more like 6.0. I am not sure which test to believe. The tank has been running for almost 2 months. Ammonia always tests 0 (since just over 3 weeks ago I guess). I’m just wondering what could be causing this...never had it happen that I can remember Thanks for your help!
  5. I heard about this digital testing unit watching @Fish Room Fever tonight. Has anyone tried it? It looks like it might be marketed towards retail and maintenance operations. I know we have some lab nerms here! API® | ABOUT AQUASPIN™ APIFISHCARE.COM Presenting API AQUASPIN, a cutting-edge technology that combines speed and accuracy for the best aquarium and pond water analysis results anywhere, all in just two minutes!
  6. I've always questioned the accuracy of test strips and have often times received weird results from them. Yesterday, I tested my display tank for nitrates. I'm trying to keep it at a level of nitrates adequate for good plant growth. I figured this would be ideal for the test strips as I could easily test it daily. My test strip showed zero nitrates in the tank. While this tank doesn't have a huge bio-load, I do add fertilizer regularly so this result didn't seem plausible. I pulled out my API Master test kit which revealed a level of 80 ppm. Are these test strips just completely worthless or is it just me? Is there another way for me to quickly and easily test nitrates in a tank?
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