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Found 7 results

  1. I'm having problems with the water staying at the temperature I set it to when refilling tanks. We have just got a new boiler so I'm not sure what the problem is. Iv been looking for a solution for a while now and I found thermostatic mixing valves. The only thing is i cant find a good one that can go to a low enough temperature. Then I saw that Dean uses a Intellifaucet in his fish room, the only thing with that is it costs £800 with £100 shipping to the UK. They do cheaper ones but I would like the digital one. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?
  2. What tank temp do you guys run your molly/platy/variatus at?
  3. Hello All! I am wondering does anyone know how cold pothos can actually tolerate? The internet says that it can tolerate a cold snap down to 50F but anything below that and it will die, however I know this isn't true because my basement gets colder. (I am working on plugging some of the air leakage to improve heat in my basement) I have seen pothos now for two winters survive 45F air and water temp (roots are in the water) They do grow much slower in the cold but are still pushing out new leaves, I am just curious how cold is to cold, I am planning to build a plant wall of pothos growing out of my 270 goldfish setup that will eventually cover the entire basements wall on that side of the room, but I don't want to potentially kill it all if I get hit with a cold snap, I live in zone 6B. Also are there any suggestions to other plants that will grow out of the tanks that can also tolerate lower temps? thanks! FYI I am not trying to push the limits, I am working on improving the heat retention hopefully next winter it will be a non issue but we will see.
  4. Hi all, I have a 29 gallon planted tank, set up about 18 months now, it’s has a few guppies, 2 nerite snails, 4 amano shrimp and an army of Malaysian trumpet snails, temp set at 77. What I would like to do though is to remove the guppies and replaces them with either white clouds or rice fish, and in the process getting rid of the heater. My question is, would the remaining inhabitants be ok at room temp if I slowly reduce heat over a period of time? I don’t want them to become stressed. Or if I kept the heater, is there a temp everyone would be happy? Thanks for any advice!
  5. We lost power for 16 hrs. In single figit temps. We are not used to this here. I have batteries for filters but not heaters and we are only getting 30 mins every 3 hours now for power due to rolling blackouts. My tanks are all around 60 now. I have put a spare 300w in the 36 to try to heat it when we do have power. How low can the temp go before I start seeing my fish and shrimp die??
  6. Can anyone tell me what stops working in tropical fish when the temperature drops ? Why do neon tetras die but goldfish survive ? Do all tropical species share a common metabolic pathway which is different to cold water fish? I've tried the Google search method but failed to find anything. Thanks Terry
  7. Two days ago my heater went out at night. It was a digital hygger brand one. It was saying it was out of the water when it was not. Anyways, i noticed this immediately when i woke up. I checked the temperature and it was 82. Not bad since I usually keep it at 84. i couldnt do anything right then and there because of work and being 5am no store was open. So i waited until i got off of work to buy a heater. By then the temperature had gotten down to 78. Now my question is. Is the 6 degrees in temp drop enough to cause ich to fish? Today i checked them and quite a few of them have it. Treatment has started. But i find it so wild that about 10 hours of a slow temp drop causes so much damage. Since when i bought them they were kept at around 76-78 Is that what caused my ich out break or could it be something els?
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