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Found 11 results

  1. I have 8 neon tetras with a bolivan ram on this tank. Could I put a licorice gourami in this tank and things would be peaceful. Thoughts?
  2. as the title says, what would be some good tank mates in a 32 gallon? i have a school of 8 of them currently. i keep the temperature around 75-76*F. i have a hard time finding information online cause everything online is for celestial pearl danios and not for pearl danios the tank so far. its a wip in the aquascape department but it is cycled. i had to place the danios in here before i finished the set up due to some aggression in quarantine with other fish
  3. how many lemon tetras could I keep in my 20 gal long tank (with mystery snail)? and recommended tankmates? 🐠
  4. So after much re-arranging and measuring, we've found a spot for yet another tank in our tiny apartment. This time we're moving up to 10 gallons (massive by our standards) and are looking at 2 Dwarf Gouramis for our centerpiece. We've done some quick research, and are considering going with Longfin Zebra Danios for our shoaling fish, and some julii corys for our bottom dwellers. Do any vets see any potential issues with these breeds? How many of each would you go with? Do you think there's something that would be a better fit for the dwarves?
  5. So thanks to watching @Cory's guppy vids, we have now caught the fever. We have our new 10 gallon cycling already and decided that instead of worrying about getting a Dwarf Gourami or two that might nip fins, maybe we could keep Zebras and Guppies together? A little quick research shows their parameters are close, and I think they are both peaceful. Does anyone have experience keeping them together? How many would you feel would be safe in a 10 gallon? (we aren't scared of water changes) Would the Guppies and Danios keep the guppy fry to a minimum? We don't really have an LFS to breed for, I guess we could give them away on Facebook or something. Any opinions are appreciated. Attached is our tank as it quietly cycles, with new LED bulbs and a new statue!
  6. Would Bolivian rams get along with honey gouramis, angelfish, lyretail mollies, L128 blue phantom plecos and vampire shrimp? I'm thinking about combining 2 55 gallon tanks with a 4" pipe. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this is a good or bad idea. Don't be mean, blunt is ok but I'm just trying to gather ideas for my future big and hopefully last tank(s).
  7. I'm going to PetSmart today to get a shrimp tankmate for my betta fish in a 5 gallon tank. Which shrimp should I pick? What should I feed it? How many should I buy? Thanks!
  8. Hey fellow nerms, I am wanting to give my betta some freinds. He is in a 5 gallon aquarium (fluval spec 5) and it WILL be heavily planted (HUGE plant order coming in soon). I know lots of people say that 10 gallon is probably best is if you want betta tank mates, but I have seen it been done in 5 gallons before. I figured that if it doesn't work out then I will just remove the fish and put them in my community tank. So here are my options... -Neon Tetras (6) -Chilli Rasboras (6) I beleive that the chilli rasbora is smaller then the neon tetras, and there is a big hole in my lid that I would have to cover up if I do get neon tetras.
  9. Hello, i am looking to get some multies in the near future, what kind of tank mates nan i have with them? thanks
  10. I have a 525 l (115 gallon) tank that I've recently redone and am planning to repopulate once the plants have taken hold and grown a bit. There was an interesting ball of algae in there, and due to that I looked into some algae eaters. Some water parameters are probably in order: temperature 24 C (75 F), very soft water (barely registers on a test strip), pH 6,6ish, flow is fairly strong, I have a Fluval FX6 and an Eheim 2252 in the tank, both with DIY spray bars to tame the flow a bit. There also are areas where the flow isn't as strong, rocks and driftwood providing cover. Ultimately the plants will also tame the flow a bit more. My initial plan was to have a school of 50ish silvertip tetras in there eventually, and I was looking into compatible algae eaters. I was surprised to learn that silvertip tetras can be total demons in a tank. Of course a random forum post has to be taken with a grain of salt, but it still got me a bit worried. Somewhere was mentioned this could be related to higher temps in the tank, but I'm just looking to be as sure as I can before actually buying them. At the moment I have a very understocked tank. Only a few corydoras similis, some upside-down catfish and kuhli loaches. Most of these fish are almost 15 years old, but some of the corys are likely younger in-tank spawns. My plan was to get 4ish albino hoplo catfish, 10+ venezuela black cories, a group of hillstream loaches and otos. And then the silvertip tetras, and maybe one bigger fish on top of that. Will all the fishes I listed be ok with the silvertips? Silvertips are quite fast and active after all. And then there is the potential dark side... I suppose the bottom dwelling fish might be left alone more than the ones swimming higher in the water. Like the solitary (or a couple of) fish I'm planning to get. What bigger solitary fish would work here? Something bluish perhaps, but only a gourami comes to my mind as an option. And the long fins might be too tempting for the silvertips. Any input or suggestions much appreciated!
  11. I have a 40 breeder planted tank with a pair of small koi angelfish, 5 albino cories, 2 panda garra, and 14 cardinal tetras. I'd like to add a small school of silvertip tetras (10ish), because yes, they're cool. But I've also read they can be intimidating to cardinal tetras. I'm wondering if a planted 40 breeder is big enough for everyone to get along. Anyone have experience keeping these two together?
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