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Found 4 results

  1. Hey All! New here and happy to join the community! Had a question about the sturdiness of a heavy cabinet I have for a 22 or 26 gallon tank possibly? Or a 20gal ? Pics are added at the bottom. (Sorry, I should have cleaned up first!). This table is about 43”Lx15.5”W on the top. It does have a center support. Looking at a 22gal at a 36”x12”x12” footprint or 26gal at 36”x10”x16”. It is probably plywood. Could this cabinet support that weight? If I added an extra piece of wood on the top, would that help distribute the weight? Looking forward to your expertise and feedback! I’d love to use this, but could get a stand later if I had to. Thank you in advance! 🙏🙏🙏
  2. A long long ago I said I might do this and finally decided too. For reference I perform structural engineering for money 5 or more days a week. Abstract and conclusions are listed below and attached but I will link the full check. This analysis was performed using the 2015 International Building Code and the American Society of Civil Engineers spec 7-10. A simple overturning check was performed to determine the shelves probability of collapse compared to building structures. Due to the low risk to human life, an overturning FS = 1 was used and tank sloshing was assumed to have negligible effects. For reference the 2015 IBC ground motion maps incorporate “a target risk of structural collapse equal to 1% in 50 years based upon generic structural fragility”. So it may be the case that even in areas of higher risk the probability of tank stand collapse within a lifetime remains low. See risk maps located on page 5. https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/files/file/26-seismic-analysis-of-the-standard-concrete-block-and-2x4-tank-stand/
  3. I am looking at getting a 75 gal glass tank in the next month or so. This would be my 2nd tank - my 1st one a 15 gal just completed its cycle. Is this going to be too big of a jump for a newbie? I don't know if bigger means I need more experience. I was going to go with a glass tank, and regardless of the size I end up with I am wondering if I need to do anything additional to the bare tank before I add water to it. (e.g., reinforce w/ additional silicone) I jumped in blind to my child's 15 gal 😆 and I want to make sure I set this larger tank up correctly from the start. And lastly a question about stands. I realize if I go with a 75 gal the total weight of the tank could be close to 900 lbs. What are your favorite types of stands to use? I want something that is furniture quality as the tank will be in my front room with my piano. Do I have to you use an official aquarium stand? If I want to buy a piece of quality furniture, (not Ikea stye) what should I look for to make sure it will hold all the weight? Thank you fish friends!
  4. From time to time, I see videos of fishrooms where there are aquariums in racks that don't have their frame supported fully underneath. In these instances, the frames may stick out from the edge of shelf rack by an inch or two. I'm guessing this is OK to a certain extent? The reason I ask is because I wanted to fit some 20 talls on an approx .22-inch deep shelf, which means the front and back will stick out past the shelf by maybe an inch. The tanks will be fully supported by 1/2 plywood sitting on top of a wire rack capable of holding a ridiculous amount of weight (meaning its sturdy, level shelving). Is this anything to be concerned about? or will the tank be adequately supported? Any advice by anyone with experience in these regards would be greatly appreciated.
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