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Found 12 results

  1. Started a few years back with golden shortfin male bred to the best regular longfin female i had to create F1. All F1 came out as standard shortfin fish, but carry the gene for gold and/or longfin. Since both gene are recessive, to get a golden longfin(double recessive) the baby will need to have both recessive gene of the gold and longfin from both parent. Next step was choosing the best F1 to breed with themselves in hope they happen to carry the 2 gene. Chances are 25% non carry/50% carry but no show/25% carry and show. In real life I got less that 10% that came out gold and about 25% came out longfin.(longfin at this time was very low quality, they just show sign of being long-"er" than shortfin). But with my luck I happen to get a very nice golden longfin in this batch(bottom photo at 4 month old). Breeding F2 with F2 So I ended keeping 2 golden longfin male and 3 longfin female 1 gold and 2 regular. Only keeping the golden babies(F3). Took the F3 and pair them back to their father(F2). Bottom photo.. Young fish aren't long enough, they wasn't even 4 month old yet. Right now F4 is growing up as fry. And I have already started a new pairing for a different set of F1 so ill have something to cross to when the F4 stuff gets too inbred. Bottom photo is the parents of the new F1 completely unrelated to the first family. Backtracking a bit, the first family all had yellowtips or whitetips, but 2 fish in F3 batch. They were longfin regular color fish that carry the gold gene, they are green/red. So I put them together hoping they kick out a few golden fry with a different fin color. I'm also crossing F4 to shortfin gold and F4 to F3(uncle) just to have something different to bring back into the family. Hopefully guy/guy are going the same and we can cross bloodline one day. Its pretty fun when you go back is see their history. If you made it this far thanks, I do enjoy working with these fish..I'll photo bomb from here.....
  2. I was wondering what would be recommended for maximizing white cloud fry production. If I feed the parents well and provide lots of cover, will they not predate on the eggs and young, or do you think I'd have more success producing high numbers of fry by somehow separating them from the parents...and if so, what strategy do you use for separation? Thank you
  3. Kind of a funny story. A while ago I had a 10 week old WCMM swimming around in my tank, I'm assuming my WCMM's bred before I rehomed them, and I was doing some mulm vacuuming, doing this required me temporarily removing some plants, which I put into a small 5 gallon box full of water I was intending to use as a shrimp breeder, so I pull the plants out, put them in the box, then put them back in the tank. Two days later, I'm preparing to cycle it, so I go ahead and check the ammonia levels, and in the middle of the test I notice something moving in the tank, and it turns out, it's the baby white cloud! Presumably the morass of stem plants I have acted like a net as I was pulling it out, a couple of minutes later I look back at the ammonia test and it was 4ppm. So this 10 week old fish lasted two days, utterly neglected, in 4ppm of ammonia. If you're a new hobbyist, get a school of white clouds, maybe 8/10 in a 20 gallon long, they will likely shrug off most beginner mistakes.
  4. I'm going to start an outdoor pond with a 100 gallon stock tank. How many Long Fin White Cloud's would you recommend starting with so that they breed like crazy?
  5. I am unintentionally breeding cloud minnows in my snail tank. I used them to cycle my main tank. So this has lead me to some thoughts and questions. What do you do with the babies when they grow? How do you get into becoming a professional fish breeder? THANKS
  6. Hello, I recently rescued 3 white cloud minnows from my local fish torture center (petco/petsmart). I put them in a 4 gallon container with a sponge filter, java moss, and rocks. I am now looking for inspiration for a white cloud tank, I have contemplated moving them outside this summer into a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub I used as an outside bath last summer. I am considering increasing my numbers by ordering from aqua huna, as I am worried I received all males. Any images of white cloud tanks or advice in keeping these fish are desired.
  7. Noticed this today on my White Mountain Minnow. No other fish appear affected. I don't have a quarantine tank or hang on tank so it's in a bag at the mo. I thought it might be a fungus so bought some API Pimafix. I've added one dose to the tank so far. Also wondered if it was Ich? Any Ideas?? it's a pinky white blob / spot.
  8. Just wanted to share the difference in preferences between 2 breeder. Both 16month old This from a local breeder, 11 year of working with his stock My stock from 8 years worth of work, phone wouldn't focus and lighting is a bit different in this aquarium vs the other. I wonder what you guys are working with?
  9. I moved the inhabitants of three outdoor tubs indoors, including both color varieties of White Clouds, all to a 20H. I think I am seeing breeding behavior. Will anything interesting come from breeding these?
  10. Roughly 1 year old WCMM. Finally moved the whole lot out of my goldfish tank to their own solo tank. This one seems a lot more bloated than the others. Not sure if it is pregnancy or potentially parasites worth medicating for. If it looks more like Pregnancy should I add a spawning mop?
  11. Picked up some White Clouds from a LFS recently. They were smallish and pretty drab when I bought them. Now that they have put on some weight and started coloring up I have 5 that look pretty normal and this 1 that is a goldish yellow from eye to tail but the body is grey. Is this a normal color variation? Or is there some muting of color in females? I really have only seen the standard, full golds, and longfins before. Pardon the pic they were zooming around after eating.
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