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Found 21 results

  1. i saw this on my swordtail. i cant tell what it is. it looks like a white patch that is mostly smooth. some of the scale appear to be white but it is really hard to tell cause she wont let me see it. she currently has ich and im in the process of treating the tank with ich-x.
  2. i just added a female fancy swordtail to my main tank last night, but this morning i saw a red spot on my other female swordtail. is it a disease or could the two have fought each other? ive never seen this bofore the spot doesnt seem to be raised of anything
  3. Two of my female swordtails are ganging up on the third. There has been no serious damage so far, but I have had to start feeding her separately because they are chasing her away from the food. They are all in a heavily planted 45g cube with 1 male swordtail and about two dozen Amano Shrimp. I was thinking of doing zebra or giant danios, but I was wondering if anyone else had better ideas. I would prefer something that would leave my shrimp alone, but I'm open to any suggestions.
  4. Hey all just got some swordtails and not very familiar with them and forgot to look what type this is. Anyone know off hand?
  5. I have a swordtail that has no sword but has an obvious gonopodium. Is this a male or female?
  6. I purchased 4 swordtails from my lfs about 6 weeks ago. I thought there was 1 male and 3 females. Well one of the females started growing a sword so I moved it to another tank and bought another female. Now again one of the females turns out to be a male. I don't really want to leave 2 males with the 2 females (the bigger one is already picking on the smaller one) so can I have 2 males and no females on my other community tank or will they fight even with no females?
  7. Okay I got this sword tail 2 days ago she started giving birth in the bag so I let her give birth in one tank (10g pH 7.8 -8, kh 180, gh 300+, A 0.25 -0.5, nI 0, nA 25-50 and then moved her to the to the other one when she was done (20gL pH 7.2, kh 40, gh 300+, A 0, nI 0 nA 50-100, I floated her and the baby she gave birth to already in the bag for 15 emptied it let her finish giving birth about 3 hours later I moved her into the 20 gallon which houses just a few guppy fry and two female silver mollies with MTS, both tanks are running stress coat Plus, one squirt per gallon is the dosage, no change to her, added a bit of salt no change to her, does anyone know what's going on here, it's 2 days and she's not eating and it's worrying me, oh she also had 57 fry If that matters.
  8. I know Cory said he found some on Aquabid but I've been looking every other day for blue swords and never see them. Anyone know someone who is breeding them? Imperial Tropicals sells them and I've got some from them but searching for other avenues. TIA.
  9. I need some help identifying what’s going on with this swordtail of mine. Her top fins seem to have an issue. Thank you!
  10. I am breeding Cauliflower Swordtails and some of the offspring are short fin. Will they carry the long-fin gene and potentially carry it on in future breeding?
  11. I'm working on purchasing stock for the 95 gallon display tank we're setting up. There's a local club auction with some very nice livebearers. Last month there was nothing I wanted, and this month there are several appealing options. Here's the stocking plan (what I already have is in bold) Guppies Green Corys 1 Angelfish (added last after I have some less-edible size juveniles then serving as population control help) Dwarf Chain Loaches Hillstream Loaches Platys Here's where I run into my lack of decision. I've decided I want platys for a few reasons: the male/females both being colored; size; color varieties to complement my guppy strains; peaceful disposition, etc. There's an assorted group of 6 platys available but there's also a really nice looking group of Koi Swordtails that keep catching my eye. I've heard swordtails are generally more aggressive and was therefore going to avoid them with the guppies and Angelfish, but I've never kept them. So, platys vs. koi swordtails. Any opinions? How aggressive are swordtails compared to platys? I'm open to any thoughts and considerations!
  12. Lots of great discussion around fish food these days and it's gotten me curious about the best way to feed my livebearer tank(s) (an ever-increasing number!). 1. Livebearers are champs at eating algae and dead plant matter. So in a heavily planted tank, is it okay to feed them mostly protein-rich foods like BBS, the Co-op's Easy Fish and Fry food, and sometimes some Vibrabites for fun (my pea puffer doesn't care for them, so I have a lot extra)? Sometimes I'll throw in a sinking algae wafer or veggie round for fun and they'll go nuts for it, but they go nuts for everything! 2. Another feature of livebearers is the liveborn! Several dozens at any given time! While I know all of them probably won't make it to adulthood, I'd still like to give them a fighting chance and at least not have them starve to death. But the more you feed everyone, the more they reproduce, and so on. How do you balance the needs for several high-protein meals per day for the fry without overfeeding your adults? 3. Another complication is my bamboo shrimp, Norma, who needs a good supply of food in the water column. Probably wasn't the smartest idea to put her with livebearers who gobble up every morsel they can find and turn it into more hungry mouths to feed. But there's that. 4. With all the feeding going on, of course I'm overrun with ramshorn snails. Right now, I'm considering it a boon and a free food source for my pea puffer, but I know it's a sign that I'm overfeeding a bit. How do I safely cut back on feeding without starving all my babies (or having them resort to eating live plants)?
  13. Can anyone tell me what this is? My male swordtail has developed a bump on his back. He is eating, swimming normally and chasing the females as usual. I have had him for 5 months in my well established planted community tank. He is a prolific breeder lol. 29 gal 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 40 nitrates 8.0 pH
  14. Hi everybody, I am working on becoming a biology teacher (just finishing my associated of science now). I was thinking about running a breeding project in class to help get kids invested and to use as visual/tactile teaching examples (ecosystems, natural selection, anatomy, reproduction, etc.). My thought was to have the class chose what traits we are trying to breed for, selectively breed, and keep record of each generation to see how close to the "goal" we get by the end. I do not yet have experience breeding fish (about one year into the hobby) and was wondering is this possible? I was first thinking guppies but in looking found sources saying that female guppy reach sexual maturity at 3 months, this would mean only three generations in a school year which I am concerned would be not enough to notice change from parent generation (i was hoping for 5? maybe that would be enough?). Would three generations be enough? I saw some articles saying Nothobranchius furzeri reached sexual maturity in a few weeks but would you be able to selectively breed them for traits enough to see a different result? I love the life in biology and would hope to share some of that passion through this... it would also allow me to "play" with fish for work 🙂 I would likely try and run this at home before I start teaching to help work out the kinks. -Thanks
  15. What livebearer is producing the most fry on regular basis? Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!
  16. Hello everyone, I'm looking to set up a 75g swordtail biotope, does anyone have any pictures I can look at, or know of any resources I can view? I've looked long and far but can't seem to find anything. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.
  17. Hey, I wanna get my female swordtail a friend. I believe she is a red velvet swordtail. My question is, in order for them to be friends do I have to get another female red velvet sword. Or can I get any kind of swordtail. Thanks!
  18. Hello! I'm Jessica, from New England. I love planted tanks and all sorts of fish. I'm currently keeping 8 or so tanks, with discus, guppies, CPDs, lots of different shrimp, and more. My newest addition is a school of wild caught Altums, which I'm doing my best to acclimate to my water and eventually move into a planted tank. I'll be starting a journal thread about the Altums to track their (hopeful) growth into adults. Here are a few of my tanks & fish-
  19. I just got two trios of Cauliflower Swordtails and this lady has something white on her right fin. Can anyone help me out and advise the best way to treat it? A video can be found here:
  20. I have just ordered some cauliflower swordtails to begin another breeding project. I was wondering if I can start a trio off in a 10 gallon? I will be moving them to a 100 gallon indoor pond down the road. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  21. I'm new and im not sure if its ok to ask questions but i cant seem to find the answer to this anywhere.I got a possible swordtail hybrid fry you see and i want to make sure i'm really taking care of him/her well. I've seen people that say you need to feed them 3 times a day and all that but for how long? How long does it take for them to become like adults and only need once or twice a day feedings? How often do you do a water change for frys? And is it ok to keep a swordtail fry in a 5 gallon tank?
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