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Found 8 results

  1. Ph- 7.4 Nitrates- 10 ppm currently (usually lower but cannot do maintenance due to recent surgery) dKH- 10.0 dGH- 8.4 Nitrite- 0 ppm Ammonia- 0 ppm Water Temperature- 79F Due to significant issues with health, and problems with the aquarium and the livestock within it I’ve been having for months now, I have debated multiple times taking this aquarium down. But I have missed having an aquarium for many years, and I want to give this another go with possible solutions when I am able to. HERE IS A TIMELINE OF WHAT’S BEEN OCCURRING: (I’ve gone back and tracked everything up to when I got they shipped to me) DISCLAIMER: Not all of this could be connected to the same issue, treatments are severely limited based on what I can get, and this is just a log of everything I have noticed and have done since having them. JAN 21- Livestock arrived via shipping, 7 ricefish and 1 male betta splendens - Death of 1 ricefish minutes after acclimation - Decided to QT with salt for 2 weeks to start and dewormed with Fenbendazole FEB 1- Noticed a ricefish flash on gills, started API General Cure for 2 weeks -never observed more flashing after this moment FEB 11- Had Hydra (completely not an issue) and dosed Fenbendazole at a very low dose FEB 12- Second very low dose of Fenbendazole to eradicate Hydra FEB 13- Water changed out all medications FEB 16- Death of 1 ricefish after noticing isolation from other fish and some lethargy in the morning -started to swim more in the afternoon and died within minutes after -examined outside of body, possible minor bloating, but nothing else FEB 24- Eye issue on 1 ricefish, significant inflammation -also noticed flashing shortly after from 1 other ricefish -did large volume water change and then dosed API General Cure (decided to treat for parasites first, also got sick and couldn’t do anything to the aquarium at this time) MARCH 13- all issues from FEB 24 went away, and large volume water change was preformed to remove medications (went back to weekly water changes while I was recovering) MARCH 26- 1 ricefish excreting white waste (no more were observed) -did not medicate because no other symptoms were observed, digestive issue was speculated APRIL 1- surgery and rest of period of time is during recovery (cannot do much of anything during the rest of this time) APRIL 7- 1 ricefish euthanized after extreme lethargy, swimming pointed upwards, and escalating struggling was observed - eye issue in 1 other ricefish, suspected inflammation around the eye, more so the top, eye itself is completely clear -decided to give salt bath for 45 minutes to ricefish with eye issue (monitored every 15 minutes carefully, and released back into aquarium) APRIL 8- all issues from APRIL 7 continue, and 1 other ricefish shows significant reduction in appetite I cannot set up a quarantine tank for fish currently having issues due to my recent surgery. I am not sure what the issue is, but if more issues continue to persist after possible future treatments (based on the advice I get), I likely will speculate that it could Fish Tuberculosis, if the same symptoms persist. Due to my health issues, future needed invasive surgeries, and current recovery from my recent surgery, I am very limited in what I can do. I am very limited on what I can get, and what I can afford, due to recent medical bills. Any ideas on what could be going on is highly appreciated.
  2. My betta fish is swimming along the side of the glass 80% of the time. The glass he usually swims along is near the heater and filter but I don’t think that’s related. He will swim along it, swim towards it as if he were “digging” at it, and he’ll turn around and go back and forth along that side of the aquarium glass. Is there a reason for this? Is there something I need to do to limit this behavior? I’ll include some water parameters. Ph 6.8 ammonia : 0 ppm Nitrite : 0 ppm Nitrate : 20 ppm Kh : 0-1 dkh Gh : 12 dgh
  3. What's up with this guy? See video below. I've had the corys for 6 months. This is my daughter's tank, so admittedly I don't pay as much attention to these fish, but I noticed one of them spinning yesterday, but I watched only briefly and thought it was just excited. Today, the swimming pattern is a lot crazier and obviously something is wrong. PH 8 Nitrates 20 Hardness 6 dGH Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH 7 dKH Temperature 75F Tank is over a year old, no other fish showing symptoms.
  4. Hey guys and girls, I have recently moved my two German blue rams to a 100liter tank newly set up! All parameters are good it’s planted and has been running for a while! My oldest ram of 1 year has started swimming around but on the substrate. She seems heavy and always rests in the same spot under the drift wood! She is eating and no visible signs of sickness! Temp at 27.5c any advice would be much appreciated
  5. Hey guys, my oranda goldfish started floating sideways today. He swims normally but when he stops swimming and is at rest he floats sideways. This is his 3rd week of quarantine since he's a new fish. He had anchor worm and is on his final week of Cyropro. He mostly eats duckweed. He's eaten Hikari sinking goldfish excel 1-2 and mysis and brine shrimp 1-2. I'm not sure what could be causing his swim bladder issues.
  6. To start off: PH: 7.4 Nitrates: 0ppm (the live plants have always kept the amount very low to showing up as nonexistent lately) Hardness: Unable to test for Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm KH/Buffer: Unable to test for Water Temperature: 79F Here is a photo of my betta that I took yesterday; nothing external seems out of the ordinary. I also ran a flashlight over him today and saw nothing as well. Some background information to possibly help: I got Samphan on December 18th from a breeder, that is when he arrived. He was placed in a quarantine tank with botanicals, tannins, and salt. I saw no signs of illness and no strange behavior at any point (I am always home, so I’m always consistently observing him). The only thing I ever found slightly odd was how he turns, but that was never concerning, as nothing else showed up in conjunction. Two days ago, I upgraded him to a seven gallon holding tank (he’s going to be transferred into a 20 gallon all to himself once it’s complete) that has been fully cycled since December 22nd. The only thing different about this setup would be the type of bin it is, and that it has many live plants and a light. I test this tank every few days, and tested many days in a row prior to adding Samphan to assure all was well with water parameters. He was drip acclimated to this tank, even though the parameters appeared to be the same. Yesterday, I saw nothing concerning. Today, I woke up maybe a few hours ago at most, and noticed he will occasionally do fast jerky movements, so much so that he even almost threw himself out of the water. He seems to have a voracious appetite today, as he’s been continuously nibbling at plants (though this could be completely normal, especially since this is a new tank for him to experience). There’s NO rubbing/flashing occurring, NO lethargy, nothing externally wrong looking (even with a flashlight). I have a few theories, but I’m curious on what the consensus of others may be. My theories are: Could it be a reflection the bin is producing (as this is a new bin with a thicker plastic)? Perhaps a very early sign of velvet (maybe the plants were still contaminated after they were cleaned long ago)? Maybe even gill flukes I’m unable to see? My last theory is a neurological issue, since he’s always turned a little odd as well. But I don’t think that one would be nearly as probable as the others. What do you all think? Edit: The biological media is in a new filter (it was transferred from the original so the flow was safe for a betta). This filter originally was very loud and sounded broken, even after it was troubleshooted for a few hours. I let it run and it’s improved significantly, making a little noise every now and then. I reached out to the third party seller, but haven’t been responded to. My mom made a comment asking if that could be it, though I’m admittedly not sure. Could this somehow be electrical, perhaps it’s shorting out or malfunctioning and bothering the fish?
  7. Hello, I have a mystery illness in a betta fish. He was perfectly healthy up until now, I noticed the other day he got a few ripped fins but those have healed. He is now swimming like he can’t keep the back of his body horizontally, he seems fine otherwise. He swims up and then conforms to like a forward bend c shape and sinks. I’m worried even more now because the fry he fathered are now presenting the same symptoms and they are in different tanks. I have since separated two fry out of the bunch. The water is pristine, and I have ammonia checkers. Any ideas?
  8. I've not owned shrimp before. Mine had babies a few weeks ago and the juveniles are all swimming around the tank in a circle over and over again. This is the second time they've done it in the past week. I haven't added anything new to the tank. The only fish in there are two endlers. This goes on for hours. Water parameters are steady with zero nitrites and no ammonia build up. I think the tank is about 5 gallons. None of the adult 8 orange shrimp are doing this behavior. Is this something I should be concerned about? I may move some over to a 10 gallon I have the endler and cpd babies growing in if it is a sign of trouble.
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