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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, Something really cool just happened! I went on offerup and randomly searched dojo loach. I sort of have a ritual of doing that and usually nothing comes up. But today there was a 20 gallon planted tank with some fish, including two dojo loaches!!! Plus since my family doesn't really like my fish keeping hobby and have to drive me to get stuff because I don´t have a car I was very excited when they said they could pick them up this afternoon when they are in the area. It is just crazy to think this morning I had no idea I would have 2 new awesome fish by night time! I love when stuff like this lines up perfectly! Have a nice rest of your day everyone!!!
  2. I was rescaping the 20-long today. Pulled out the 4 guppies, the 6-inch red-tail botia, all plants, wonder shells, filters etc. The only thing in this tank for months has been the loach & any guppies with bent spine. We added 3 other guppies about 4 weeks ago. As I was stirring up the substrate, getting ready to mix in some crushed coral, I noticed some movement in the back corner. It was a red baby shrimp!!! We've never had shrimp in this tank. Ever. We ended up finding FOUR shrimplet! The only thing we've added was hornwort, at the same time we added the guppies. We got it from Imperial Tropicals. I'm guessing some babies must've hopped from the shrimp tank to the plant tank & decided to hitch a ride to our house. We are adding green tiger barbs to this tank & were told they like to snack on shrimp, so we moved the shrimp to safe ground in the 55- gallon with guppies & other shrimp. Those little guys were a pretty sweet surprise today!
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