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Found 2 results

  1. Just out shopping, and thought I’d start a thread about “random aquarist items from the grocery store.” Snapped a few photos. (1) Rooibos Tea — excellent source for limited tannins. For heavy tint, 1x bag / gallon for 24 hrs. We use for Killifish eggs to cut down on fungus. Smells nice in the fishroom! (2) Clorox — for cleaning certain items, like shells, Diffusers, etc. kills off algae. MUST be treated with plenty dechlorinator in fresh water before using in Aquarium again. Still, it has its place. (3) Cupboard Liners — we use these under LED lights to diffuse lights when too bright. Easy to cut to fit. Also helpful underneath smaller tanks to keep them from slipping. (4) Measuring Cups — We prefer plastic, but glass cleans off really well. Many uses. Mixing frozen food with tank water, pouring room-temp water over black worms, etc. (5) Cooking Baster — great for sucking up, feeding, etc. cheaper at a grocery than aquarium store. (6) Skewers — We use to gently stir up gravel for limited-space vacuuming with small tube / siphon when normal gravel vac is too disruptive, risks sucking up fry, etc (trick learned from Rachel O’Leary — she used chopsticks) (7) Sealed Lid Storage Containers — We are learning that the best way to keep dry food fresh is to refrigerate bottles inside a zip-locked bag inside a sealed-lid storage container. That’s 4-steps to ensure freshness: fridge, closed container, sealed bag, and sealed lid. Next time you’re in the grocery, I’d love to learn what you use!
  2. Hello everyone, what is your favorite breeder box and why? I have had nothing but bad luck with all the crazy creations out there and want an easy way to round up the pleco fry before donating to my lfs! Thanks for your time, pictures or links always help that way others wanting to know can follow! I have glass lids on most of our tanks also.
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