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Found 11 results

  1. Hope it's not frowned on to keep asking questions here this is like my fifth or sixth topic this week! Anyway so my question is, Java Ferns and Anubias can be glued to rocks - are there any other plants I can do that with? In my 20 gallon community I have aqua soil and all sorts of plants etc but when I set up my fish room I want to keep the tanks real simple and I like the idea of just using plants attached to rocks so I can easily move them to gravel vac underneath or rearrange the tank. It doesn't matter if they are slow growing etc as I won't need them for filtration, will use a pothos for that (plus sponge or canister filters). It's just for enrichment for the fishes and hiding spots etc. Want to avoid floating plants this time but the pothos resting on top of the lid will provide shade and cover.
  2. I am wanting to add some different plants into my 10 gallon. I have a lot of Val, a couple crypts and a couple nana. My Val grows like crazy and I have to trim and stop more from growing. I’d like to find more plants as fun as those. Maybe some floating. All ideas are welcome. Thanks!
  3. Hi how are you can anyone recommend me plata that I can glue to rocks that don’t need to be plant in any way in sand or gravel, I have rocks and wood also my ligth is high ligth and not co2 thank you
  4. I have a breeder box that has very big slots in it. I want to use it for baby snails. There is a separate plate that comes with it with tiny tiny holes. Perfect for smaller fry and baby snails. I was wondering can I super glue it in place and seal around the edges(with something) so the baby snails won't escape. I have a clutch that was just laid a couple days ago and wanted to set this up and place it underneath when they are ready to hatch
  5. Hello, I have recently made walls , tunnel hides (for plecos), volcanos décor with lava rock. I am looking for a good plant that can hide some of the ugly adhesion spots. I have anubias hiding some spots and Java moss in one tank. In my other tank I want a different plant/moss to cover the ugly. Does anyone have any good recommendations for this? The lava rock is maroon (i soaked and washed and washed the rocks forever) I am not an artist at all so some of the glue spots are noticeable and thats why im looking for a plant to cover them.
  6. Hello, I am wanting to bond/glue lava rock together to make a hide/cover for my sponge filter and maybe a mountain for my shrimp. What would be the best way to do this and will normal lava rock work bought from any landscaping store? I was thinking hot glue to hold the rocks together but I was checking to see if it would be safe for the fish and inverts. I was also thinking maybe superglue but this would be somewhat messier than the hotglue. Also i was going to use the superglue to attach plants to the rock. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you,
  7. I have these two pieces of spider wood, and ordered (from Coop) 1 each java fern, dwarf saggitaria, anubias gold coin, red dwarf lily bulb, and crypto wendtii. I assume they'll ship tomorrow and should (hope to) have by Wednesday or Thursday! I'll be moving over some water sprite to float, and java moss for the corner from the other tank as well. I also have two easy planters, and got some crushed coral yesterday for pH stability. What are the best plants to attach to the wood using super glue gel? Do I hold in place for like 30 seconds? How long do I wait before putting it back in the tank, and is it immediately fish safe at that point? Which of the above will I have the best luck with in the easy planters, and should I use crushed coral around the plants or will they be able to grab my relatively large-sized gravel? Thanks!
  8. So I’ve seen you should try to glue the rhizome from a plant onto hardscape and I’ve seen the opposite. Plants are finally coming in and I plan on attaching them to driftwood and rock. Plants are various anubias and Java ferns. Please help with my confusion! Thanks all!
  9. Is Gorilla Glue gel safe for aquarium use?
  10. Super-glued duckweed.🙄😁😆
  11. I have two pieces of driftwood in my tank, and was thinking about attaching Anubius to one and java fern to the other. I was thinking of using superglue gel like Cory suggests, but I was wondering... Will the superglue adhere to wet wood during a water change, or would I have to dry everything out before attaching the plants? I feel like this should be something I know, but I'm wondering. I want to have my plan before I plan my order.
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